Words that End in N I C


Words that End in N I C: Words with NICs are widely used in games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. This list will assist you in determining the appropriate terms to use against your opponent. A list of all the words that begin with NIC and those that finish with NIC can also be found. If you play games like Wordle or utilize the New York Times Word Solver to swiftly obtain the daily NYT Wordle solution, avoid five-Words that End in N I C.

Most people recently are searching for five-letter words because of the game Wordle. Wordle is a 5-Letter word puzzle that helps you learn new five-letter words and makes your brain effective by stimulating its vocabulary. With words, we can achieve anything. Some individuals play with words, while others master them. We usually seek terms that begin with a specific letter or conclude with a particular note in a dictionary. This article might help you find 5-letter words that finish in NIC instead of consulting a dictionary. Consider the following list of NIC-ending 5-letter words. Are you completely speechless? Don’t be concerned. Many 5-letter words conclude with the letter NIC. To help you broaden your vocabulary, we’ve included these terms and their meanings below. Continue reading until the end of the article to discover the words and their definitions.


– Words that End in N I C

Words that End in N I C:  With is a search engine for terms corresponding to constraints (presence or absence of specific letters, beginning or ending, number of letters or letters in particular positions).

It can be helpful for all word games: creation or solution of crosswords, crosswords, hangman, The Longest Word ( Numbers and Letters), Scrabble, Boggle, Words With Friends, etc., as well as for literary creation: search for rhymes and iterations for poetry, and words satisfying the constraints of the Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle (OuLiPo) such as lipograms, pangrams, anagrams, etc.

The words and their definitions are taken from the free French-speaking dictionary Wiktionary published under the Creative Commons attribution share-alike license.

Words that End in N I C – Wordle Help

The well-known cross-country word game Wordle may be challenging at times. This is particularly true when you’re stuck on the final few letters and have no idea what to assume. So, if you’ve been trying to come up with guesses to attempt in Wordle today (or any other day), we’ve got you covered!

Words that End in N I C- Wordle List

Today’s letters to end the WordleWords that End in N I C. First, try out any of the five-letter terms on our list to aid you in getting the best possible Wordle Score. Then, please review this list until you find a word you want to use for a guess, enter it into the Wordle letterboxes, and hit ENTER.

  • Wordle, the popular cross-country word puzzle, may sometimes be challenging. This is especially true when you’re wedged on the final few letters and have no idea what to assume. So, if you’re having difficulties coming up with guesses to attempt in Wordle today (or any day), we’ve got you covered! Amnic
  • Conic
  • Cynic
  • Genic
  • Ionic
  • Manic

These terms were tested in-game to guarantee that Wordle would accept them. Please let us identify if we missed a time or if a word doesn’t work for you in the comments. Also, please feel free to submit your Wordle sheet music in the comments section!

Words that End in N I C – Wordle Clue

Wordle is a newer, popular daily word game that challenges your brain by making you guess, up to six times, a five-letter word, and each day there is a new word to solve for. Sometimes it can be a challenge to think of the word even if you have a few letters that you know are part of the solution. Hopefully, this list will get your brain going and bring you closer to finding the day’s answer. If you’re a bit tired of thinking and your Wordle clue ending with NIC, then we’ve got all of the words it could be in this post.

Words that End in N I C

Here’s a complete list of all the 5-letter words that end with the Words that End in N I C several possibilities could work, but hopefully, you have some idea of letters that aren’t in your solution so that can help you narrow down which answers may work for you.

Letter Words that End in N I C List


Our comprehensive list of all five-letter Words that End in N I Cthat we have for you. Hopefully, you were able to use the list of words to solve the puzzle you were working on!

Words that End in N I C

The page shows 100 words of 363 found, ending on “nic”:

Terms of 3 letters ending on “nic” (1 comment):


Words of 4 letters, ending on “nic” (2 comments):

unic in

Words of 5 letters, ending on “nic” (14 comments):

panic tonic sonic manic cynic tunic ionic punic conic runic genic monic amnic vinic

Words of 6 letters, ending on “nic” (25 comments):

clinic picnic ironic ethnic scenic bionic iconic tannic phonic clonic Fennic Finnic atonic irenic axenic azonic pyknic Adonic acinic agonic cyanic aminic Edenic uranic limnic

Words of 7 letters, ending on “nic” (45 comments):

organic Dominic titanic chronic demonic arsenic satanic moronic oceanic bubonic masonic colonic botanic technic laconic eugenic cryonic koranic selenic splenic canonic Byronic Romanic phrenic aphonic hedonic tetanic mesonic acapnic anionic obconic eirenic auxinic avionic puranic stannic karenic aclinic actinic boronic albinic alginic ketonic melanic sthenic

Words of 8 letters, ending on nic (58 comments):

mechanic volcanic platonic Hispanic hygienic germanic harmonic tectonic Teutonic mnemonic subsonic sardonic shamanic

Letter Words that End in N I C

However, Please look below for a comprehensive list of all 5 Letter Words ending in NIC and their coinciding Scrabble and Words with Friends points. Happy hunting xenic cynic vinic yonic amnic conic manic monic panic dining genic ionic runic sonic tonic tunic usnic

words with the letter ni at the end | The most acceptable Nick-ending Scrabble phrases

For word games like scrape and Words with Friends, we’ve created a list of 403 words that finish with the letters Nic.

This list is sorted by the number of letters in the word, starting with the most popular Scrabble terms. Next, browse lists of the precise times you’re looking for using the table of contents below.

Wordfind may help you move ahead and win game after game, whether you play Wordle, Scrabble, or any similar word game.

What are the best Scrabble Words that End in N I C?

The highest-scoring Scrabble word ending with Nic is Pozzolanic, which is worth at least 32 points without any bonuses. Firstly, The next best word ending with Nic is aphonic, worth 14 points. Other high score words ending with Nic are chronic (14), phrenic (14), auxinic (16), hyaenic (15), sphenic (14), bubonic (13), cryonic (14), and technic (14).

How many Words End in N I C?

Moreover, Four hundred three words end with Nic in the Scrabble dictionary. Mostly, 36 are 11 letter words, 78 are ten-letter words, 85 are nine letter words, 106 are eight-letter words, 50 are seven-letter words, 34 are six-letter words, and 14 are five-letter words.

Firstly, You can search for words containing particular letters in specific positions, such as creating or solving crosswords and crosswords.

Letter Words that End in N I C – Wordle

Hello Friends, Welcome to LIONJEK; here, I will list all the 5 Letter Words Ending in NIC, which will help you solve your puzzle in Wordle. However,  Wordle is a Daily word puzzle game in which you have to guess the five-letter words for which you have around five chances. And also, Even if you have a few characters of the word, it might be sometime more brutal to guess the actual word. So, in that case, this article is going to help you.

Letter Words that End in N I C List

  • amnic
  • conic
  • cynic
  • dining
  • genic
  • ionic
  • manic
  • monic
  • panic
  • runic
  • sonic
  • tonic
  • tunic
  • vinic
  • xenic
  • yonic

That is all we have for five-letter words that end with NIC for you. Hopefully, you were able to use this list of words to solve the puzzle you were solving!

Letter Words that End in N I C, List Of All

Mostly, letter words that finish in NIC: Most people prefer 5-letter words these days. ans also, We frequently seek up concepts or terms in dictionaries that start with a specific letter or conclude with a particular note. This article might help you find 5-letter words that finish in NIC instead of consulting a dictionary. Continue reading the material because you are familiar with the 5-letter phrases ending in NIC and their definitions.

watch the video of Words that End in N I C


In October 2021, Josh Wardle, a programmer who previously offered the social experiences of Place and The Button for Reddit, created Wordle, a form of the online game. However, The reference is presented as colored chips for each guess, showing which letters are in the right location and might be in other sections of the solution word. And also, The Players have six attempts to identify a five-letter comment. And also, The mechanics are identical to those in games like Mastermind, except that Wordle specifies which letters are corrected on each guess. There is also a specific answer phrase for each day that is the same for everyone.

5 Letter Words that End in N I C

The following table contains all the 5 Letter Words Ending With NIC

S.No      5 Letter Words Ending With NIC

1             Cynic

2             Manic

3             Panic

Meanings Of 5 Letter Words Ending With NIC

Cynic – A person who believes that all people are motivated by selfishness

Manic –  Relating to or affected by mania.

Panic – Sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior


the Wiktionary contains many more words (especially proper nouns) than other French-language dictionaries such as the Official Scrabble Dictionary (ODS) published by Larousse: around 400,000 words and inflected forms (nouns and adjectives in masculine and feminine and singular and plural, conjugated verbs) in the ODS, and 1.3 million on Mots Avec.

Disclaimer: Moreover, The above in sequence is for standard informational purposes only. And also, All in order on the Site is provided in good faith. However, we build no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information on the Site.

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