What is Scrum Training?

Do you want to build your career in Scrum and agile methodologies? It’s the right time to forward your best foot in learning Scrum! However, it’s better to know that Scrum is a complex domain. Even experts take days to grasp the concepts and get a stronghold of the principles. So, if you plan to choose Scrum as your career, ensure that you have a robust strategy.

Finding a reputed Scrum training program is the first step in creating a learning strategy. However, it might be challenging to know the meaning of a Scrum course and understand its scope when you are new to online courses, Scrum, and agile. But before getting started with Scrum, it’s mandatory to understand the significance of Scrum sessions.

You don’t have to worry anymore! In the following Scrum article, we will dive deeply into Scrum learning sessions, the skills you can expect to develop, and the features they offer to help you make the right decision for your career journey.

Let’s find out more about Scrum training!

Meaning of Scrum training

A Scrum program is a learning session where you can closely understand Agile and Scrum methodologies and learn how to leverage them in real-life scenarios.

Also, it will guide you to master several required skills. You can become a knowledgeable and skilled Scrum professional after attending a Scrum course.

Scrum training serves two purposes: teaching the framework’s methodology and educating about its guiding principles and ideals.

Agile project management frameworks like Scrum differ substantially from established project management techniques like Waterfall. Teams are cross-functional and self-organizing, with everyone committed to providing value to the end user. Scrum training is, therefore, cultural; students must get familiar with and adhere to its ideals and principles.

The four Agile values are excellent instances of the mental transformation anticipated throughout Scrum training. The four Agile values are:

  • Persons and interactions, rather than procedures and tools
  • Functional software above thorough documentation
  • Customer involvement above contract negotiations
  • Adapting to change versus sticking to a plan

Let’s investigate what you can expect within a typical Scrum training session.

Skills you’ll learn during Scrum training.

You will learn various Scrum and agile concepts in a Scrum session. Since it will give you some practical knowledge, you can leverage the ideologies in real-world projects effortlessly. Overall, it will make you a powerhouse of skill sets.

Before enrolling in a Scrum course, you should know the skills you can develop by the end. So, let’s understand the skills these training programs provide candidates.

  • Agile Scrum methodologies
  • Agile Scrum applications
  • Sprint planning and review
  • Producing Scrum artifacts
  • Implementing distributed Scrum
  • JIRA project management
  • Agile Scrum best practices

Apart from these extensive skills, you can expect the courses to train you for the following abilities.

  • Organizational Skills
  • Teaching and coaching abilities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Servant leadership
  • Eliminating obstacles and keeping the team on track
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Persistence and flexibility
  • Excellent listening and communication abilities
  • Optimism
  • Empathy

Now that you know the skills you’ll develop by registering with a Scrum course, it’s time to learn the standard features every training program offers.

It can help you choose the right program and start your kanban vs scrum comparison learning process at the earliest.

Features of a typical Scrum training program

After knowing the skills, you can develop by registering with a Scrum course, let’s walk you through the features these sessions typically have. With leading edTech platforms like Simplilearn online bootcamp, you can expect all of the following characteristics to facilitate your Scrum learning.

  1. A comprehensive curriculum

If you enroll in a standard Scrum Master training program, you will get a comprehensive curriculum required to prepare you for the certification exam and pass it successfully.

Some of the in-demand topics you will learn throughout the journey are:

  • Scrum roles, events, and artifacts
  • Developing an agile mindset
  • Agile estimation, planning, monitoring, and control
  • Extreme programming practices
  • XP team roles
  • Crystal
  • DSDM
  • Timeboxing and MoSCoW
  • Lean and value mapping
  • Seven forms of waste
  • Kanban and its terminologies

Besides, you can get a chance to learn more complex concepts in Scrum with a relevant training program. In the end, you will become a knowledgeable Scrum Master.

2. Develop numerous skills

As you have already seen, a Scrum Master is known for his skill sets. Throughout the curriculum, the standard training programs will give you ample avenues to develop several skills and enhance your knowledge base.

After finishing the Scrum training session, you will master the above skills and can implement them in real-life projects. Most of the interviews are centered around these skills. So, you can stay assured that you will pass these interviews and secure a job quickly.

3. Work on live projects

Leading Scrum courses go beyond providing only theoretical knowledge to the students. They prioritize practical abilities and allow the students to work on real-life projects.

For example, Simplilearn lets you with two industry-oriented projects – Smart Weather BigBucks Cafeacute and Smart Weather LeViva. These projects concrete your learning and make you more confident in your Scrum knowledge.

4. Various training options

The best Scrum courses know that students have various time and commitment constraints. So, they offer different training options to enable them to learn conveniently, despite challenges and hurdles.

For example, Simplilearn offers three learning modes: online bootcamp, self-paced courses, and corporate training programs. You can choose any course mode based on your specific requirements.

1:1 mentoring sessions

Knowing that the best Scrum training programs improve 1:1 sessions between mentors and students. Having instructors who address students’ doubts at any time is a massive plus for Scrum learners. Such an individualistic connection will enable learners to clear their doubts and better understand the concepts.


Most organizations are adopting Scrum and agile mindsets to streamline their workflows and optimize their processes. Scrum is about to expand in the future, providing more opportunities to professionals in the upcoming days. It’s the best time to learn Scrum and apply for high-paying jobs.

Now you know how excellent Scrum programs appear. So, you can choose the proper session for yourself and get started.

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