What is Cash or Trade

Cash or Trade

CashorTrade is the world’s only social network where real fans buy, sell, and trade tickets at face value and avoid scalping.

Cash or Trade: How is the secondary ticket market on the internet? It has reached biblical proportions if recent history is any clue.

what is CashorTrade

The world’s only social network where fans buy, sell & trade tickets at face value.

Approval to see the Pope was selling for more than $3,000 a pair on Craigslist and other websites, according to the available information. Quick math shows that the window for seeing the Holy Father was nearly unlimited.

Suppose you’ve tried to obtain tickets to a Beyonce performance, Hamilton: An American Musical on Broadway, or a Boston Red Sox game in the last decade. In that case, you may have run across a newspaper variation. And we’re forced to buy through secondary internet ticket markets like StubHub or SeatGeek. Paying for legal food for sale, especially at major events, has become part of the high cost of doing business for customers. But is there a more pure, ironic violation of a fan’s soul than pressing the submit button while purchasing tickets for two, five, or ten times their face value?


Cash or Trade: When did you First Start going to Shows?

Rich Brando: Of indeed! I went to Lollapalooza when I was 14 years old. It’s a whirlwind. It was the only big festival in existence at the time. There are a lot of them now. Primus, on the other hand, walked over. My brother and I surfed the field. You might start with a few people kicking you off, then point in the direction you want to travel, and the crowd will guide you! It was either that or the portable toilet to get to the front row. It has evolved into a mode of transportation.

However, everything came into place for my next event. On 5-8-93, a phishing attempt was made at the UNH Field House. What a fantastic sight. It was the first time I had a sense of belonging in a musical setting. The Grateful Dead at Boston Garden was my next event following that. My brother and I were in many problems with the cops at the time, and my parents put us on probation for several months. Finally, we’d had enough and decided to spend a few nights with the dead.

I slept under a bridge and discovered what was going on. Anyone who has seen the Grateful Dead understands what I’m talking about. The parking lot scene was unique. We speak with a lot of folks who have been traveling for decades. I’ve never seen anything like that, with Harry Krishnas dancing in the streets and prominent drumming and dancing circles. There was nothing like it. After that scene, no other band came close. It seemed as though the 1960s were there in front of our eyes.

How did the Concept of Cash or Trade Start?

Rich Brando: We’re here now; no more tonnes of bills on Stubhub and other sites to resale for over $2,000 after attempting to obtain Phish bills back after a sabbatical. My brother and I, as web designers, had had enough and believed I was missing something. So in slightly over a week, we constructed We had no idea what would happen, but we had over 5,000 members by the end of the year.

Cash or Trade – Did you ever eExpect it to Increase?

Rich Brando: We failed. He spread the message, although he’s spent most of his time underground. Over 75,000 new members have joined in the last two years. It now reaches a broader audience because we have so many groups, genres, and age groupings. For many years, CashorTrade has been a side project. It has now expanded to the point where it requires the time and cares it deserves. There is a great deal of giving your word here.

So far, we’ve averaged about 20,000 tickets traded this year since January. Things get better in June, which is our peak season. Last year we sold over 45,000 tickets, so we’re off to a great start.

In November last year, we sold our web design company, and now I work full time on the project. We recently hired new developers and now have a small team activated on the mission. Now it’s time to take a fun fan exchange and generalize it. CashorTrade is a natural alternative to bribery that has been kept away from secondary tickets. Just as Airbnb revolutionized the lodging industry and Uber the taxi industry, CashorTrade revolutionized the ticketing industry. The run time of the fans is revolutionary. CashorTrade is the premier platform for finding the fans they want: a fair and ethical marketplace where you can get tickets at face value, make friends and enjoy the majestic experience these events seek.

What is a day like in the Cash or Trade Office?

Brando Rich: With our team, it’s a lot of fun. I live at the end of Church Street in Burlington, so I use my e-scooter every day and sit down to improve the web experience for our fans. It is exciting and rewarding work. We are working on many things, and we have a new platform that we have been working very hard on and hope to launch this summer. We are operational on building our blog and our presence on social networks. We’ve also done a bunch of great ticket giveaways this year that have been exciting. It’s fun.

With the Prospect of Cash or Trade, what are various of your visions?

Rich Brando: We’re just getting started learning about the investment market. So far, we’ve done an outstanding job creating this lovely community. Yet, if we become a legitimate contender in the secondary ticketing sector and compete with StubHub, Ticketmaster, and others, we need the necessary resources. We believe CashorTrade can achieve considerable market share by doing something no other secondary dealer site does: giving fans precisely what they desire.

How can Fans within the group of people support Growth or Spread the word?

Rich Brando: Use the site the next time you swap tickets with a buddy. It’s completely free, and you may provide excellent feedback for yourself. Then tell your friends about the site and share it on social media. Today’s most powerful kind of marketing is word-of-mouth. We are the much-needed change in the billet business when we work together. Kiss the cheeks!

More About Brando Cash or Trade

Dusty Rich and Marlon Brando disagree. The brothers are the creators and operators of Cash or Swap, a Burlington-based online marketplace where anyone can buy, sell, or trade face-value concert tickets. As a result, the company’s tagline is “hugs the face.”

The website combines the thrill and interaction of fan groups, notably the jam scene, with the guarantee that all parties obey the basic rule. It is similar to eBay, Craigslist, and the Phantasy Tour. After several years of consistent growth, culminating in 41,000 tickets exchanged last year, the Rich brothers have their sights on a David-versus-Goliath challenge: revolutionizing the estimated $5-billion-per-year secondary ticket market in the U.S.

The Idea for Cash or Trade

The concept of Cash or Trade is not a religious revelation but rather a kind of exploitation comparable to scalpers exploiting Catholics in New York.

After a five-year sabbatical, Vermont jam band Phish resumed a series of retrospective gigs in Hampton, Virginia, in 2009. Predictably, tickets for the gigs sold out in seconds, stranding thousands of fans, including the Rich brothers.

Near my high school graduation, veterans of 250 Phish programs were visited. They were also disappointed, if not outraged, to learn that the tickets were much above face value.

$2,000 each, recalls Brando Rich of the small Cash or Trade office on the third floor of Church Street. He sports a teamster cap and a dark, bushy, grey-spotted beard, the familiar uniform of the adult Green Mountain Phish-head. We were impressed, having been fans for so long, he continues. So we thought, something has to change.

Growth or Spread the Word

“We recognize what was missing from secondary ticketing sites: transparency,” says Dusty Rich, 40. Elder Rich is intelligent and fluent in business. Next to it, on the wall, is a small leather-framed print of the TV. Foreign ALF with the legend Cash 4 yer extra.

“It was all conjecture. There was also no sense of belonging, “Dusty adds. “So we believed that combining the social components of Facebook, the chronological postings of Craigslist, and the review part of eBay with a social objective, we might develop a platform for individuals… to hook up and redeem notes for face value.”

Cash or Trade, a Beatles tribute band, was created out of the concert parking lot atmosphere, like many other cottage enterprises surrounding the Phab Four. The Rich brothers hit the street and began to settle outside of Phish gigs after presenting the concept of a fair trade ticket swap company to their friends and building a grassroots website.

Cash or Trade Takes Its Ethic To The Music Streaming Economy

Platforms that pivot exists in a more unfriendly market to independents in the music industry. Artists’ primary source of revenue, touring, is unpredictable. The whole venue and live event business model predict on traveling. Traditional help and monetary relief arrangements, such as jobless loans or public-private partnerships, have not yet apply to creative individuals. Those that have managed to hang about afloat have invested in Internet infrastructures, such as cameras and connections, to support online streaming.

Ticket sales are another industry segment that live concert cancellations have impacted. However, Ticketmaster and StubHub have survived by modifying their refund policy to offer complete reimbursements only when performances altogether cancel, and there are no reports.

The economy was necessary. So on July 21, announced the launch of Cash or Trade Streams, a streaming platform focused on generating revenue for venues, festivals and artists prevented from conducting business-as-usual during the pandemic.

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CashorTrade is a social network & ethical marketplace where fans buy, sell and trade tickets for face value and avoid scalping.


However, A ticket exchange service that has grown into a social network where individuals buy, sell and swap tickets for nominal prices is Cash or Trade. It was created to combat ticket scalping by allowing live music fans to attend a performance for free if they could not attend an event they had paid for. But instead, the identical site became a center for a small community of music fans who exchanged tickets for beers or used the chat function during sales to meet people who shared their musical preferences. According to co-founder and CEO Brando Rich, some users have even met their wives on the network.

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CashorTrade is the world’s only social network where real fans buy, sell, and trade tickets at face value and avoid scalping.


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