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What does GS Mean in Shoes: Erected of a lower and narrower construction, Grade School models are specifically designed to fit a bottom more melancholy than the average joker, offering the perfect fit for girls and adolescents. As standard men’s sizes generally start at US 7, Grade School sizing fits a lower joker’s bottom impeccably.

Frequently appertained to as Youth Sizing, models are marked with a ‘ Y ’ symbol/ handwriting. Grade School sizing applies purposely to Nike & Air Jordan models and is available from US3.5 Y to US 7Y.

What Does GS Mean in Shoes? Explained

Have you ever come across shoes with letters or words written on them? Do similar bowdlerizations have a meaning you should pay keen attention to before buying a brace of beautiful shoes you’ve seen? One of the common words you’re likely to come across in shoes is GS which can be confusing if you’re new in this sector. Still, to avoid confusion, you should learn about several acronyms, especially if you like shopping online for shoes. So, let’s look at the meaning of GS in shoes.

 What’s The Meaning of GS In Shoes?

What’s The Meaning of GS In Shoes?

The word GS is a short form of ‘ Grade School, ’ meaning the shoes’ size is about an average kiddies ’ shoe size. This term is a specific revision for lurkers shoes from Nike and Jordan and generally refers to a smaller shoe size that can fit either a boy or girl.

In most cases, GS is the largest size of kiddies ’ shoes that a toddler or preschool can’t fit in. Since lurkers have enough room allowance for legs to grow than other types of shoes, you’ll not witness challenges when about an unspecific sizing map but instead have a rough idea of if the shoes will fit.

The GS shoe sizes start from 3Y, go up to 7Y, and are original to men’s size 7, with the main difference between the two being their quality and pricing What does GS Mean in Shoes.

GS SHOE SIZE CHART for both mike and Jordan’s shoes


3.5 Y 33.5

4Y3.5 36

Y 436.5


5.5 Y 5 38


Y 6 39

7Y6.5 40

What Does GS Mean in Shoes( Also TD, PS & BG)

What Does GS Mean in Shoes( Also TD, PS & BG)

Have you ever looked for shoes online and seen a word with a letter and a number? Then are some joint bones

PS, BG, GS. You can find out what they mean by looking at the table below

These shoe letters mean

GS means Grade School in Shoes

PS means nursery in Shoes

TD means Toddler in Shoes

BC means Baby Crib in Shoes

EP means Engineered Performance in Shoes

BG Boys Grade School in Shoes

What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

What does GS stand for? It stands for Grade School. Generally, GS is the size of a shoe. This is related to the average shoe size for a child.

It can fit both girls and boys. It’s a specific size revision available for lurkers or shoes. You can order these in Nike and Jordans. The size goes up to 7Y, the same as 7 for men.

This means that the price and quality will be different than they would be if you ordered a regular shoe size of 7. But not all brands are like this, so you should still read the marker!



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Shoe-picking conventions can occasionally be tricky, especially when you see the release of a new set of footwear that seems to be named commodity entirely different. Over the last many times, you might have seen more and more acronyms popping up, with GS being one of them. But what does GS mean in shoes, and is it a commodity you need to worry about?


GS isn’t a single size. GS is technically a separate size map for illustration; kiddies may need GS size3.5 instead of GS 6. This also doesn’t consider other factors like base length, bow height, or just how different styles of shoe fit on boys ’ or girls ’ bases. Slightly different sizes may also look different, and not all shoes will be available in every size on the site map.

Always measure your boys ’ or girls ’ bases before you take them to get new shoes since their size number on the map could still fit inadequately if their bases are longer or more advanced than average.

What Does Gs Mean In Shoes?

We all love shoes, and most of us indeed have a great collection of shoes or those who don’t have, I’m sure they’re planning to do so! While the love for shoes can not be described in words!

Having a great crush on precious lurkers or shoes, the only thing which matters for us related to shoes are their weight, design, and befitting or size.

But the shoe world is much further than these effects. Shoe assiduity isn’t just about manufacturing great designs of lurkers in different sizes or manufacturing good leather shoes, or making good handling lightweight shoes!

Just like computer assiduity have their language which is limited for their use precisely in same way shoe assiduity have their language on the base which they manufacture and farther trade it out, and their language confined to shoe assiduity hence, only valuable for shoe assiduity!

It may sound inviting or can sound like a decoration brand due to their law words sounds like that. GS, GG, and BS are many acronyms, and the good part is that their meanings are straightforward, which means it’s easy to understand the shoe trade assiduity.

What Exactly is GS? - What does GS Mean in Shoes

What Exactly is GS? – What does GS Mean in Shoes

GS is a shoe industry abbreviation mainly used in sales of shoes. It stands for grade school and has a direct link to shoes of infants and children in the circumstance of the size of the sneakers and other shoes!

GS does not have any other meaning, and we will discuss how it works.

The sales department of sneakers is very active these days and uses these abbreviations as a new technique to pull customers! And like most people, we thought it was a new or exclusive collection.

What does GS mean in Shoes?

So to the question, what exactly does GS in shoes mean? After a long wait, it is a fundamental and easy answer. In reality, “GS” means Grade School, as we told you earlier. Basically and actually, GS measures the shoe size of sneakers about the average shoe size of a child.

It is preferred that a child should give or spend some time in the market to grab the correct size of their sneakers.

In general, GS is another way to describe an infant size small shoe. But, after considering it, we found that GS is the largest size of children’s shoes, more significant than any TD (toddler) and PS (pre-school).

Sneakers usually allow more space to grow than any limited alternative style shoes. So, the relatively unspecified size chart still provides a good idea of how the shoe does not fit To such Children.

The Grade School abbreviation is primarily used as part of our favorite Nike’s Air Jordan line, But now we see other companies have begun to select it on their shoe size charts.

watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omUNKxWdLn8

Conclusion – What does GS Mean in Shoes

First, GS means ‘grade school,’ when kids are in their last two years of elementary school. It is available in 3.5Y-7Y sizes, so people with tiny feet can wear size 7Y.

It is not the same as men’s or women’s shoe sizes. they  are gender-neutral and fit for grade school kids in their last two years of elementary school.

When you buy shoes for your child, it is essential to know their size. Many shoes fit different feet, so measure the foot first. Consider other factors like arch height, foot width, and instep size. And think about how your child will be wearing the shoe too.

You’ll not struggle to get the right fit shoe size for your kid if you know their shoe sizes. To achieve this, you’ve got to understand the meaning of abbreviations like GS, which stands for ‘Grade School.’ This is a shoe size for sneakers shoes for particular brands like sneakers, and it’s for kids.

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What Does GS Stand for in Shoes? Shoe Terminology Explained

FAQS – What does GS Mean in Shoes

 Is GS 7 Similar to Men’s 7?

The two shoe sizes have similar lengths. However, there are some differences between them. For example, the GS sizes start from 3Y to 7Y, while the men’s sizes start from 7.5. Also, the men’s sizes are meant for adult feet, while GS is for kid’s feet.

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