What is Technology Management?

Technology Management (GT) is conceived as managing technology development, its implementation and dissemination in the industrial, public and private sectors and society. In addition, it involves the management of the innovation process through Research and Development (R & D), which includes the introduction and use of technology in products, in industrial processes, and other structural and functional areas of the company, as well as the use of this knowledge in the solution of the different problems of society, of the human being and the environment.

Environmental of Technology Management

Environmental of Technology Management
In the business context, technological management seeks to assimilate and improve organisations. The performance and, therefore, resorts to the request for technical assistance and contracted advice. Its training and training of personnel, the promotion of the design of new products. Its processes, the adoption of new organizational schemes, among others. For its part, environmental management is developed at the international level through the paradigm of eco-development, more focused on the future, which presupposes more significant and more extensive changes in the thinking and practice of human beings.

Law 81 on the Environment conceptualizes environmental management as the set of activities, mechanisms, actions and instruments aimed at guaranteeing. The administration and rational use of natural resources through the conservation, improvement, rehabilitation and monitoring of the environment and the control of human activity in this area.

Fundamental Object of Technology Management

Technology management arises and develops within companies, and its fundamental objective is to achieve a better research-industry-society link, which must be understood as a market relationship. This implies knowledge that laws of supply and demand fundamentally govern this. Technological management seeks to integrate the process of technological change with the strategic and operational aspects of control and decision-making of the company. Thus, technology is conceived as a competitive weapon, and as such, it must constitute an essential point of the long-term strategic approach.

Technological management is the instrument that links the productive sector and research development in technological innovation. It requires conceptual and executive preparation and carries out to support the processes of technological innovation that allow to identify the needs and technological opportunities and implies a capacity to manage the technical change. On the other hand, it guarantees research activities and their results to productive entities.

But technological management is not a field of merely theoretical knowledge about technology and its development; it is also a practice supported by knowledge derived from the analysis and interpretation of observations of the behaviour of technological development, as a social process, and the result of words of this process in organizations and countries and its relationship with the operation of the global expansion of modern societies.

Phases of Technology Management

Technology management in the company is applying a set of practices that allow you to establish. Its technology strategy is consistent with your business plans. In the business environment, technological management reveal. Its plans, policies, and technical procedures for acquiring, using, and creating technology. when innovation assumes as the axis of business development strategies. It is also evident when in the culture of companies, it is possible to “create an innovative mentality, focus on lifelong.  Learning that supports the growth of competitiveness in the long term.

The initiation of a technological plan involves the following actions or steps:

  • Inventory: It collects technologies available worldwide, which implies knowing the technologies use and dominate by the company that constitute its technological heritage.
  • Watch: It means being alert to the evolution of new technologies, systematizing the company’s sources of information. It’s monitoring the technology of competitors, as well as identifying the possible impact of technological change on the company’s activities.
  • Evaluate:  Determine competitiveness and own technological potential, Technological management from the Cuban perspective.

When thinking about technology management at the level of a country, it recognizes that outside. There is a global technology market, foreign customers of national companies, but also competition; government policies find; also a set of international rules on trade, investment, quality, environment, patents, etc.

But in the country is a government with policies of science, technology and education. Its national technology market. and, finally, companies with customers and competitors and throughout. The national and global context must make a series of technology decisions. They must decide whether to develop their technologies or look for them abroad; in the first case, they require innovation; in the second, evaluate, select, negotiate, buy, adapt. All these activities require strategic planning.


The primary function of environmental technology management is to link and transfer the results. Its research, development, and innovation between this sector and the productive and service sectors. Once the aspects of the technological management. Its activity has exam, we can realize that its functions, constitute the actions that will facilitate the development of the call interfaces.

It is nothing more than the organizational structures that make possible contact and interaction. It’s between research centres, the productive sector, universities, financial institutions, customers, suppliers, distributors, and other agents of innovation. These include engineering, consulting, marketing, environmental services, metrology, quality assurance, technical information, etc.

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