Social Shopping & Social Ads –  A Real Business Opportunity Accelerator

Social Shopping – The digital marketing agency, an expert in the creation and management of multi-level digital acquisition strategies, has been able to capitalize on the new opportunities of social media content creator to boost the performance of its advertisers. In this article, she takes us on a discovery of what could well be tomorrow’s shopping.

At the Crossroads of Social Networks and e-Commerce

Among the new trends that have emerged in this context, one of them particularly caught his attention.

You have probably experienced it yourself: while browsing Instagram, you watch the story of a brand to which you are subscribed, and your gaze stops on a small sticker offering you to buy one of the products presented. Interested? Click on this sticker and add the product to your basket. So far, nothing new. You have not left the social network during the whole process: Social Shopping.

In a few words, Social Shopping consists of using social networks as a sales platform. If it is so successful, it is because it allows a fluid, comfortable and uninterrupted shopping experience. Powered by the power of Social Ads, Social Shopping promises to be the essential lever to boost your business in 2021.

Covid & Social Networks – An Unprecedented Context

Between the closure of physical stores and the obligation to stay at home, the health crisis that has hit the whole world has pushed users to socialize and consume differently. If the craze around social networks and online sales is not new, it has nevertheless experienced a remarkable increase and suggests a drastic change in consumption patterns.

It is shown by a study conducted by YouGov France in November 2020, according to which 31% of French people have already purchased at least one product via social networks, a figure which rises to 38% among 18-34-year-olds. Among these insiders, 76% would have gone through Facebook to make this purchase, and 23% through Instagram (47% among 18-34-year-olds). Edifying figures when you know that most Social Shopping devices were still in their infancy a year ago.

Social Shopping & Social Ads – A fruitful alliance

While the future promises to see several increasingly sophisticated Social Shopping tools flourish across the entire Social Media landscape, some platforms are undeniably leading the way. Of course, among them are Facebook and Instagram and TikTok and Snapchat.

Social Shopping on Instagram

According to the results of a survey conducted by Instagram, 90% of users of the platform subscribed to a brand; 2 in 3 people say Instagram drives engagement with brands, and 50% say they’re more interested in a brand if they’ve seen an ad for it on Instagram.

It is logical that the social network now allows you to post so-called “shoppable” publications and stories. Which would enable your subscribers to realize their attraction to your offer by simply pressing a sticker. The product is tagged on the content, and it is possible to consult and buy it as easily as one would go to the profile of a user typed on a publication. Unlike the “Swipe up” function, which requires having at least 10,000 subscribers, these stickers with the possibility of purchase are accessible to all professional accounts.

Facebook Shops

The Facebook Shops functionality continues the Social Shopping system implemented on Instagram. You now only need to create a merchant account in the Seller Manager to be able to set up a shop. This tool offers users an immersive full-screen experience, like a store window, allowing them to discover your universe. And buy your products in optimal conditions without leaving their social network.

If these tools allow brands to enrich their relationship with their existing community. The alliance of Social Shopping and Social Ads constitutes a foolproof acquisition lever. Combined with the power of advertising algorithms that have already proven themselves on Facebook and Instagram. The quality of the shopping experience offered by Social Shopping takes on a new dimension. By transforming shoppable publications into sponsored posts, it is now possible to reach further. The ultra-qualified audiences with content that is 100% in line with their current requirements and uses.

Suppose the sponsored challenges that invite users to post a video of themselves with a product had already conquered the new star of mobile applications. In that case, it is now possible to buy these same products. From a dedicated tab without leaving the application, thanks to the Hashtag Challenge Plus feature.

Another illustration of TikTok in the social shopping trend, a live event in partnership with Walmart’s retail giant. Which held on the platform on December 18, 2020. The social network stars who hosted the evening dressed in clothing marketed by Walmart. Which users could buy directly from the application.

According to their recruitment site, the Chinese social network is developing its social shopping component. Let’s stay tuned!

Social Shopping on Snapchat

After unveiling a feature allowing you to take a picture of an object before being redirected to Amazon to buy it. Snapchat introduced itself to social shopping by allowing certain influencers to sell products directly on the application. The lucky ones can market their products through an in-app store, including a shopping cart and a native payment function supported by Shopify.

Pinterest also seems to be trending. And offers Rich Product Pins that allow users to access product information tagged in the image. Suppose it is not a question here of social shopping, strictly speaking since the act of purchase carried out outside the application. In that case, the platform plans to integrate a native payment functionality soon.

If we believe in the rise of this new shopping trend. The social networks seem destined to play a major role in future e-commerce.

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