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Shark Tank India Judge Since 2004, Shark Tank has provided a forum for Indian entrepreneurs to offer their ideas on starting a business or expanding their companies by sharing their experiences. On SonyLIV, you can watch  Shark Tank India Judge.

About  Shark Tank India Judge:

Shark Tank India Judge, which was broadcast on Sony TV, was based on the successful American Shark Tank idea. It attracted the public’s attention and grew in popularity due to its innovative concept. The show’s theme was prospective Indian entrepreneurs pitching their company plans to a panel of investors or judges and convincing them to invest in their idea. Asher Grover, Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, Ghazal Alagh, and Peyush Bansal were among the seven sharks or investors on the show. They’re all renowned company owners who have put money into initiatives they believe have promise. Rannvijay Singha was the show’s host.

The first season was a great hit, and the program is currently gearing up for its second season. It’ll be fascinating to see what the second season has in store.

Shark Tank India Judges list, Biography, worth, Names & Photo

  • Here, you can virtually checkShark Tank India Judge’ Bios, Details, Net Worth, Names, and Photos. It will be discussed here. Read the full article to learn more about the judges on  Shark Tank India Judge – it’s available on Sony TV. It takes us through an Indian adaptation of Shark Tank’s famous American reality show. This show first aired on ABC in 2009.
  • Since 2004, Shark Tank has grown into a forum rich with chances for Indian entrepreneurs, who may offer their ideas on how to start a business or tactics for growing a firm by sharing their experiences. On SonyLIV, you can watch  Shark Tank India Judge. Participants must first register online, fill out a form, and fully describe their company concept to attend the fair.

Names of the judge’s Net worth – Shark Tank India Judge

Anupam Mittal 25 million dollars

Vineeta Singh $8 million

Namita Thapar $600 million

Peeyush Bansal $1.3 billion

Ghazal Alagh 115 million dollars

Ashneer Grover $2.5 billion

Aman Gupta $400 million

List ofShark Tank India Judge, their profiles, and occupations

Anupam Mittal is one of theShark Tank India Judge. -Anupam Mittal founded People Group and

Achievements of Anupam Mittal

– He was also included in the magazine’s list of 25 persons to watch, and I was named one of Business Week India’s 50 most influential persons. In the 2012 and 2013 IMPACT Digital Control 100 lists, he was too recognized as one of the top symbols of the Indian digital ecosystem.

Vineeta Singh, the co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics, is another woman who has become a successful businesswoman in the Indian cosmetics sector. In India, it is a well-known cosmetics brand. Lips, eyes, face, and nails are among the best-selling goods from this company, made at state-of-the-art facilities in Germany, Italy, India, the United States, and Korea.

Achievements of Vineeta Singh

– The 23-year-old, born and raised in Delhi, also turned down a one-million-rupee-a-year lump-sum offer from an international bank to launch her human resource services firm and was later featured on the magazine’s monthly cover. With its 2020 40 Under Forty Awards, the Economic Times acknowledged her as a young business leader. She has completed more than 14 marathons. And She ran the Comrades Marathon, an 89-kilometer 12-hour ultra-marathon in South Africa, in addition to signing up for the South African Ultra Marathons. She did it three times despite earning three bronze medals in this race. She is one of the world’s top 100 most conscientious women.

Namita Thapar –  Shark Tank India Judge

Namita Thapar –  Shark Tank India Judge

Namita Thapar is the CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals and is an Indian businesswoman. From 2021 forward, she served as a judge on Shark Tank India Season 1.

Achievements of Namita Thapar – Namita Thapar grew up in the Maharashtra city of Pune. Her mission is to promote the health of Indian women. She has received various honors, including the ’40 under Forty awards from the Economic Times and the Barclays Hurun’s Next Gen Leader award from Barclays Hurun. She was also included in the Economic Times’ 2017 Women Ahead List. The World Women’s Leadership Congress presented her with the Super Achiever award.

Peeyush Bansal

– Peeyush Bansal, an Indian entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of, the country’s largest online eyeglasses shop. In 2021, he will be a judge on Shark Tank India Season 1.

Peeyush Bansal’s Achievements Peeyush was born and raised in Delhi, and his father is a Chartered Accountant who has always encouraged his son to work hard in school and settle down. Despite his distinct interests, he co-founded with Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi in November 2010 after a few years of education. He began his television career as a judge on Season 1 of Shark Tank India in 2021.

Ghazal Alagh –  Shark Tank India Judge

– Ghazal Alagh, one of India’s most powerful businesswomen, has been added to the roster of shark tank judges. Mama Earth, which she co-founded, is one of her most well-known accomplishments.

Achievements of Ghazal Alagh – Ghazal Alagh was born and raised in Gurgaon. She started diet expert in 2012. In 2021, Ghazal will be on India’s first reality show, Shark Tank India.

Asher Grover

–Asher Grover is BharatPe’s CEO and co-founder. It Asher is a Delhi native who attended the IIT Delhi and the IIM Ahmedabad. From 2002-to 2003, he also chosen as an exchange student from the University of INSA-Lyon in France. From 2002-to 2003, she participated in the exchange program and returned to INSA-Lyon in 2003.

Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta

– An Indian entrepreneur Aman Gupta is the company’s chief marketing officer and a co-founder of boAt. CitiFinancial, KPMG, and Harman International formerly involve with the ship (JBL).

Aman Gupta’s achievements include: Aman Gupta is a judge on Season 1 of Shark Tank India. He  naturally rise in Delhi, India.

Aman Gupta: 5 moments of Shark Tank India Judge with daughter Adaa prove he’s a doting father

Moreover, After judging India’s most exclusive program, Shark Tank India, Aman Gupta, co-founder, and chief marketing officer of boAt, reward. Aman Gupta was one of the show’s most popular investors, and many of his remarks about him became memes. On social media, his comments such as “Oh Hum Bhi Bana Lenga,” “Ha Main De Dunga, Tu Tension Mat Le,” and “Mat Soch Mana Kar De” became viral. He’s also a Bollywood fan, and his Instagram account features videos of him recreating classic Bollywood moments. The most eye-catching and endearing messages Aman has ever posted are with his darling daughter, Adaa, in the center of it all.

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However, The businessman marry to Pia Daggar, and the couple has two kids together. Adaa is Aman and Pia’s oldest daughter, and she has a particular relationship with her father. Aman adores her daughter Ella de Ella and frequently posts cute footage of her on her social media accounts. This father-daughter combination never misses an occasion to show their affection for one another, as seen by Aman’s Instagram account, which is brimming with videos and images. This father-daughter combo has done it all and set some primary father-daughter goals, whether it’s dancing together, going on dates, making engaging reels, or capturing their precious tandem.

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