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r/stupidfood: This subreddit was founded in response to this abomination, which was discovered in Harrogate, Yorkshire, in 2015 in an unknown and yet blatant shop of arrogant vanity.

A buddy deserves credit for coming up with an unusual and attractive name. You have the right to feel outraged, of course. That doesn’t make us passionate, but it does make us unpleasant.

This subreddit was founded in response to this abomination, which was discovered in Harrogate, Yorkshire, in 2015 in an unknown and yet blatant shop of arrogant vanity.

About r/StupidFood

r/stupidfood A buddy deserves credit for coming up with an unusual and attractive name. You have the right to feel outraged, of course. That doesn’t make us passionate, but it does make us unpleasant.

The crazy, the gullible, and hordes of stylish idiots seek “culinary experiences” rather than great dining, where the presentation of a meal is now regarded vital, however ludicrous. So to be is a hallmark of our times. Hordes of conceited jerks in huge white hats are creating ever more ridiculous methods to convert a delicious dinner into a highly unsuitable and improper display. We won’t be able to halt this trend, but we can make fun of it until they return to their burrows and bring us an iron instead.

What is r/stupidfood

Regarding r/StupidFood: I picked the Stupid name Food instead of We Want Plates because I didn’t want to steal the existing popular website blatantly. Then /r/WeWantPlates showed up and did it anyway, beating r/StupidFood to the punch, and good luck to them; they’re doing a fantastic job.

But as the story progressed, I realized that pretentiousness in the most fundamental human necessities, food and drink, might take numerous forms other than presentation. It confuses me, for example, how anyone in the business can maintain a straight face while uttering the words “molecular gastronomy,” even though it is a very genuine concept.

So as an alternative to focusing on the lack of dishes, I sought to shift the focus of r/StupidFood to general immature nonsense. I underline “juvenile” because I enjoy pointing fingers and laughing childishly, even when the target of my mockery has genuine inherent worth. In the same spirit, I encourage others to engage in ridicule.

r/StupidFood utilizes a modified version

The r/StupidFood utilizes a modified version of /u/FlatBlue Creech’s theme, an excellent egg served on a suitable plate.

r/StupidFood can cook hell. If someone ate these 20 items, they’d probably be sent to the hospital like Mr. Krabs after ordering the incorrect burger. So take part in this collection’s visual horrors without having to smell or taste any of these ridiculous delicacies.

  • Pretend food is r/stupidfood. We are entirely flat. The plate is missing.
  • A place to chastise blundering foodservice tactics or any other epicurean folly deserving of scorn.
  • RD for food Show. Laugh.
  • Do you enjoy having your meal in tennis shoes? Neither do we. Death to ostentatious cuisine!
  • Shoes are for feet, slates are for ceilings, and buckets are for manure. Don’t even call it a plate.
  • Food has a place on the platters!
  • Bowls, trays, plates, and other kitchen items that are well-known and tried.
  • It has no place in a shovel sale, a little wheelbarrow, or a jam jar.
  • The comment, not the what.
  • It’s not about the food’s quality; it’s about how wildly incorrect, irritating, or vain it is.

We prefer the extremely nice meal that has been abandoned due to the sphincters’ lowered preciousness.

r/stupidfood that requires serving inappropriate crockery: a soup in a colander or a sausage in a block is insufficient!

We like fine cuisine a lot, and we genuinely like it, but we adore the pompous presentation of mustard.

Good cuisine deserves our respect, but we will shoot at you and laugh brutally if you dare to gild the lily.

What should I talk about r/stupidfood

Whether it’s traditional chicken in a basket, incredibly fresh hash browns in slippers, or absurd fries in a pan, share your culinary monstrosities here alternatively, anything from the new cuisine.

Without fear or favoritism, explore and develop your prejudices, release your rage, exercise your bile glands, and spit in the face of fashion. Make us giggle with inventive gourmets’ overflowing creativity.

You can use photos, videos, links, or designs as long as they make someone’s ridiculous r/stupidfood mush pop.

Send text messages to insult, ridicule, or make fun of stupid eateries; openly harangue innocent fools who believe in a crime capable of scandalously deciphering the mistaken; or to chat and chat.

Tell us where and when your skit was seen, whether you’ve ever caused a stir and ordered a dish, and more in the comments section. Remember, even the Philistines are people, so treat them with respect.

Policy Against spam r/stupidfood

Spam is one of our favorite things. That is, Hormel’s pseudo-food.

Any other type will be gently seared before being laid on a bed of crushed saddle soap in cod liver oil juice and served in a handcrafted golden poop where it so rightly belongs.

r/stupidfood fictitious pinnacle

Stupidity abounds, but real human genius will always exceed our wildest expectations, leaving us amazed that this was done?!?

When someone, somewhere, serves steak tartare in a still-hot baby pot, we’ll have arrived at the foolish end of meals.

What could surpass raw meat and raw eggs in a boiling bucket of shite?

you have the right to offend

r/StupidFood is Designed

r/StupidFood design to be a fun place for kids to criticize other people’s inventiveness, regardless of whether they deserve it.

We respect your right to feel offended. Thanks for your patience.

SAC, links, and other information

About the SAC and r/StupidFood: Take caution. It isn’t very PC!

This sub inspires by We Want Plates, although it’s a little less raw.

Facebook web page

r/WeWantPlates on Twitter…and a few other fun places:-

StupidFood : Pretentiousness. On a plate. Without the plate.

The Angry Chef: exposing food’s deception, pretension, and idiocy

Not pompous, just bad – hardly edible

r/stupidfood that make pompous went wrong /

r/FondantHate r/stupidfood /r/BeansInThings /r/PutAnEggOnIt /r/SushiAbomination /r/KitchenCircle r/SushiAbomination

That’s why you’re overweight, moron.

HulkSmashFood features a modified version of /u/FlatBlue Creech’s theme, a delicious egg delivered on Instagram /r/food scam /on a suitable plate r/Eat it, you fucking wimp r/StupidFood.

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concussion r/StupidFood

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