Moore Norman Technology Center

Moore Norman Technology Center, School District #17, was founded in 1972 and is regarded as one of the nation’s best education and training centers. In addition, MNTC is one of the world-renowned Oklahoma CareerTech system’s 29 technology centers.

Explanation of Offerings

The Moore Norman Technology Center met the emphasis on experiential learning and hands-on training. As a result, high school kids and adults develop crucial technical and vocational skills that lead to national and state certificates and jobs in most situations.

Classes 600 Hours or Less

However, Moore Norman Technology Center has hundreds of short courses that take no more than 600 hours to complete. Although some courses do not require registration, some may have prerequisites. In addition, MNTC provides over 30 professional programs that take two to four semesters to complete (1050 or more course hours). Admission to these programs is via application only.


I am getting ready for success, transforming lives, and creating a better tomorrow.


Moore Norman Technology Center is a prominent workforce training and development supplier committed to providing students and clients with a great educational experience.

Core Values

  • Diversity and inclusion • Responsibility • Excellence • Growth • Honesty, integrity, and transparency • Innovation • respect

Moore Norman Technology Center

Moore Norman Technology Center

The Moore Norman Technology Center provides expert guidance and training to entrepreneurs in the region, especially those just starting. Norman, Moore, and South Oklahoma City are all part of the MNTC district.


The Moore Norman Technology Center is the most excellent option for training and workforce development. It is dedicated to providing an outstanding educational experience for each student and client.

Moore Norman Technology Center is a corporate learning center. Provides expert guidance and training to companies in the region to assist entrepreneurs who are just starting. It is dedicated to giving both students and clients a great educational experience. Specializes in vocational and technical training, company growth, education, professional connections, university connections, and other areas.

Moore Norman Technology Center (MNTC), a Gold Star School Award recipient from the Oklahoma Association of Technology Centers, is a leading provider of career education. MNTC provides curriculum alternatives to accommodate every lifestyle, in addition to famous alumni for high-demand industries.

Moore Norman Technology Center is based in Norman, Oklahoma, with additional Moore and South Oklahoma City locations.

Accounting, pre-engineering, carpentry, dental assistant, and practical nursing are among the more than 30 sectors in which one can acquire professional training.

More About Moore Norman Technology Center

The Moore Norman Technology Center provides programs for high school students, transfer alternatives for students, advanced training for corporations and individuals, and those seeking vocational training.

The Moore Norman Technology Center education is particularly appealing because of the range of schedules and study opportunities available.

The FLEXTRACK option is available for students who have very hectic schedules. This allows students to enroll in a class on any Monday of the semester.

Short courses are available for students who wish to go to school part-time, explore a new career route, or acquire specific skills quickly.

Hundreds of courses are now available in an online version.

A Career Assessment and Development Center, a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, a University Resource Center, Disability Support, and financial aid options such as scholarships and student loans are available to students.

Moore Norman Technology Center

Moore Norman Technology Center Overview

MNTC works in the post-1972 Norman City, Moore City, and Southern Oklahoma regions to improve careers and boost the workforce and economy. We provide unrivaled technical instruction for older students that frequently leads to industry credentials. As well as a high school… Students who use MNTC’s bias training approach get a head start in college and have an easier time starting a career. Our services also provide our neighbors with flexible and individualized training, certification, preparation, and career development choices at a fraction of the cost of the typical community.

Why Work at Moore Norman Technology Center?

Why Work at Moore Norman Technology Center?

See what Moore’s workers have to say about it. Working at Norman Technology Center is a terrific experience. Fainly, Employee are replies inspired these words to the Trust Index study.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Commercial Transportation Training

Commercial Health Training

Human Resource Management

Technology Information

Development of Organizations

Quality Control Systems

Retail Industry Education

Conferencing & Meetings for Small Business Owners

Leadership Development

Post Job Openings and Hire MNTC Graduates

The Well Industry Training Program (TIP)

Workforce and Economic Development

Firstly, Workforce Training

3 Ways MNTC Can Support Local Businesses

Employee training tailored to nine service areas (below).

Development and coaching for small businesses.

Hundreds of qualified grads available for internships or full-time employment.

MNTC Program Helps Equip, Assist Small Business Owners

Amal Khairallah’s inspiration for a new business grew from her interactions with her Bible study group.

The group includes senior citizens, and Khairallah said she appreciates the wisdom she’s gained from the seniors and hearing about their experiences.

“I just love being around them,” said Khairallah of Noble. “To me, they’re living history books.”

That admiration, plus a drive to help others, motivated Khairallah to start Beck and Call Transportation LLC, which caters to senior citizens with services that include transportation to appointments, prescription pick-ups, and grocery shopping.

Khairallah said starting a new business is exciting and daunting. Still, she’s navigating the experience with advice and coaching from Gina Bertoletti, the small business management consultant at Moore Norman Technology Center.

And also, According to information from the center, the center offers a Small Business Management program that provides professional support and coaching to entrepreneurs who want to stabilize and build their businesses.

Moore Norman Technology Center - Services

Moore Norman Technology Center – Services

MNTC provides employment training and education to businesses in Moore, Norman, and areas of Oklahoma City to help them with employee training and company transfers in the early phases. Norman, Moore, and South Oklahoma City are all part of the MNTC district.

However, Personalized business counseling, professional learning opportunities, and a resource network are provided.

Bertoletti and Dumas work one-on-one with company owners to target particular areas, address problems that influence the business and help them achieve their goals, according to Bertoletti.

“We attempt to assure growth, better use of time and talent, and alignment with their aspirations for the firm’s future as we travel with them step by step along the twisting road to business ownership,” Bertoletti said.

“our armed forces are free” is another reason for the company to cooperate with trainers. Your ad valorem taxes have helped fund our services, whether you live in Moore, Norman, or South Oklahoma City,” Bertoletti said.

And also, He claims that assisting small company owners flourish benefits the business and the entire community.

Mainly, “Our economy depends on small enterprises. They contribute to job creation and economic dynamism. “They produce income in the community and give services that the community requires,” Bertoletti explained.


Moore Public Schools has a partnership with Moore Norman Technology Center through which our students may elect to spend a portion of the school day on the MNTC campus, learning a trade from a professional in that field.

All classes completed at MNTC count for elective credit with Moore Public Schools, a few classes allow students to earn computer or science credits, and a few programs offer the opportunity for students to simultaneously earn high school credit, hours towards a trade certification, and college credit.

Moore Norman Technology Center – Khairallah

Moreover, “We have a lot of resources, and all we want is for Oklahoma businesses to prosper,” Bertoletti said.

Bertoletti’s “depth of knowledge,” his insight, advice, and support, Khairallah stated, and the fact that “she believes in me.”

While establishing a business might be frightening due to the unknown, Khairallah is willing to take the chance. Passion will help others and obtain information from them, and he claims that his trading is an extension of that goal.

Moreover, “I came together on purpose,” Khairallah explained. “It motivates me, and I get to meet new people and learn about their lives.”

However, Visit for more information about the Norman Moore Technology Center’s Small Business Management program.

However, Beck and Call Transportation LLC, owned by Amal Khairallah de Noble, provides four people-moving services that include classes and appointments. In addition, She added that Moore Norman Technology Center’s business advising services provided Khairallah with valuable advice.

Commercial Driving and CDL Training Courses Available at MNTC

However, Moore Monthly’s Rob Morris interviews Traci Saor about the future opportunities with MNTC’s Commercial Driving and CDL training courses for the Moore Monthly’s Business Building Blocks. Watch the interview to find out more.

watch the video of Moore Norman Technology Center

Mission to the Moon: MNTC students create an app for NASA challenge

Firstly, A group of local youngsters recently completed an incredible endeavor. The Moore Norman Technology Center Group was one of ten teams from across the country to submit their proposals during a virtual event in February as part of NASA’s Application Development Challenge.

Moreover, According to MACETA, the Application Development Challenge was a coding competition that allowed students to assist NASA plan activities for future missions, including the Artemis program, which would take American astronauts to the moon by 2024, including the first woman and the next man.

MNTC’s First Day of School

However, Moore Norman Technology Center is situated in Moore, North Carolina. And also, For all programs, MNTC will provide conventional, in-person courses. Moreover, Updates to student information and communication rules are required reading for new and returning students. And also, These updates include bus timetables, mask compliance, COVID-19 directions, and other significant modifications. Students who start high school after August 16 should still come to MNTC on the first day of class.

Short-Term Classes

MNTC offers over 300 beginner, intermediate, and expert-level …
Long-Term Programs
Affordable or free career vocational training for adult and …
Employment Opportunities
The Moore Norman Technology Center is home to over 250 full …
Certification & Licensing
MNTC offers over 300 beginner, intermediate, and expert-level …

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