Media Intelligence – Media monitoring and intelligence companies collect and analyze all the information found in the media: Press. Radio. TV.

What does a Media Monitoring and Intelligence Company do?

Digital transformation has changed the way organizations communicate, bringing a series of benefits for your brand exposure and some challenges that can harm your reputation.

Today, media monitoring and intelligence companies are a strategic ally that helps companies maximize the use of all media information to create messages with a greater impact on their audiences.

News analysis or clippings

Media monitoring and intelligence companies collect and analyze all the information found in the different media:

  • Press
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Digital (blogs or portals)

We use deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze news to determine the quality of messages received by audiences.


The automatic and real-time analysis of media and social networks allows our clients to act quickly in a crisis scenario and map the trigger of the conflict in a matter of seconds.

Strategic filters and metrics such as page views, number of impacts, editorial value, return on investment and reports with specific data are used to generate reports tailored to the communication needs of each company.

Social Media

Monitor mentions of existing brands, products, personalities and pages on social networks. Companies can even manage social profiles.

Through artificial Intelligence, we automatically categorize the sentiment of brand mentions (neutral, negative, positive, favourable and unfavourable).

Business Intelligence

We empower brands’ decision-making through accurate and personalized data after developing a predictive analysis that helps companies understand their positioning and improve it within their market.

We use technology to capture and collect information to generate insights related to brand positioning:

Social Intelligence

  • Clipping
  • Press & ad analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Return on investment

So Why is Media Intelligence Important?

We’ve already covered what media intelligence is and how it collects the important data about your brand narrative, but why is it important?

Well, people like to be heard.

Knowing your audience has constantly been a hallmark of traditional marketing. There are several ways teams have gathered insights about their customer base in the past, but how many have been able to dial in organic conversations about your brand as they happen in real-time? With the onset of social media, the right tools can turn the media landscape into live focus groups that you track according to the trend or topic of the day.

Media intelligence is important because it gives you incredible insight into your audience’s behaviour. The right media intelligence platform can reveal the pain points in your customers’ conversations, as people are more willing to speak their minds behind an avatar. Who is the loudest in the room? The right solution can also identify influencers promoting your brand to their thousands of followers.

Firstly, as the terrain changes with political movements and increased social responsibility, corporate reputation is constantly at the mercy of hourly events. With the right media intelligence solution’s early warning and alert systems, you can address a communications crisis when bad news breaks. In the same way, media intelligence prepares you with information about what’s happening right now. Predictive analytics based on your amassed data allows you to see future trends.

More Information:

However, none of this will move the needle on ROI unless you act on the data. Interested people (and brands) are interesting people (and brands). It is one thing to pay close attention to what your audience is saying and quite another to participate in. With valuable data in hand, media intelligence gives you an edge in producing personalized content for your consumers based on the tastes and needs you’ve already seen.

The exponential growth of people logging in in 2020 has only amplified the need for a comprehensive media intelligence service. More proactive ones are overtaking traditional reactive ways of collecting information from your audience. So unless you want to miss out on the good word about your brand, you need media savvy to tune that ringing in your ear to the right frequency.

The 9 Types of Intelligence. Do you know what’s yours?

Have you already done the Multiple Intelligence Test* online? Do you want to know more about the type of Intelligence that touched you? Today in Vida UCALP, we review each one so you can learn more about its characteristics.


It is the ability to control emotions and understand one’s feelings; it is the Intelligence that allows one to understand and work with oneself, set goals, objectively evaluate one’s abilities and personal disadvantages. And also, the development of this intelligence results in people with a great feeling of personal discipline and of giving their best. Entrepreneurs are a clear example of a professional profile that requires a high dose of intrapersonal Intelligence.


Defines the ability to feel the distinctions of others, their moods or motivations. This Intelligence allows us to read the intentions and desires of others even if they do not express them. Hence, this Intelligence’s most appropriate professional profiles are psychologists, therapists, educational psychologists, educators, religious, lawyers, police officers, or administrators.


And also, it involves the capability to understand the order and meaning of words. People who excel in this area can speak and write very effectively. Therefore, the professional profiles of these people are usually political leaders, speakers, teachers, poets, writers or journalists. Debates, writing in diaries, reading, the use of devices that favour communication is the activities that enhance the development of this Intelligence.


The right hemisphere is critical to spatial computation, the ability to create mental images or perceive visual details and then reproduce them on paper or in 3 dimensions. And also, the artists, photographers, architects, designers, surgeons and publicists fall within the professional profiles of this Intelligence, which is reinforced through the making of mental maps, metaphors, construction games, etc.


LOGIC MATHEMATICS Media Intelligence

And also, those who find it easy to solve abstract problems stand out. Mathematicians, scientists, economists or philosophers fit into the professional profile, which is promoted through mental calculation, conceptual problem solving, games with numbers, or calculators.


And also, the brain areas involved in musical perception are not as well defined as those in language. Still, there is evidence of an ability to analyze sounds, listen, sing or play instruments. However, the professional profiles are musicians, composers or musical analysts, and the activities that foster this Intelligence are singing, playing instruments, or listening to music.


Responds to the ability to perform activities that require strength, flexibility, balance, speed or coordination. However, people who have this developed Intelligence excel at creating, repairing, or expressing themselves through the body. Therefore, they are usually sculptors, surgeons, actors, dancers or athletes, and among the activities that can be practised to develop this Intelligence are manual work, theatre, dance or sports.


Moreover, the capacity for expression identifies it through lines, movement, beauty and manifestation in drawings and paintings. The professional profiles can be graphic design, architecture, and plastic artists.


They are the capacities to distinguish, classify and use elements of the environment. And also, it includes the skills for observation, reflection, experimentation and concern for the environment. The professional profiles are, for example, biologists, veterinarians, environmentalists, landscapers.

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