What is Marketing? – Advertising, History, Origin, Plan and More

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the system of investigating a market, offering value, and satisfying the client for profit. This discipline is also called Marketing accountable for studying. And also, in the behave of the markets and the needs of consumers.

Analysis of the commercial management of companies to attract, capture, retain and retain end customers through the satisfaction of their wishes and steadfastness of their glitches. Although the English and Spanish words are stated here. And also, it is more widespread today through the biosphere.

In this complete content, we are going to detail pardon is its types and strategies, numerous examples, the difference between advertising and characteristics of a good marketer, which profiles are most in-demand today, how to development and you have at your disposal various learning resources.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing are two concepts fingered daily, yet they generate confusion. Are they the same? How are they like, and how are they unlike. And also, there are the tools and strategies of unique and the additional?

Being clear about what advertising subsidies are essential for your company’s success. Therefore, we are going to shed light on this matter. And also, that later you can understand what is the best strategy for you or what you should train to grow professionally.

In the previous point, you have several definitions of what is. Still, the general idea is that it is the planning and execution of all those activities with a commercial purpose aimed at a buyer or seller.

History and Origin of Marketing

Until not long ago, all that was done was outbound, “chasing” the user. In with our promotions without fully knowing if that person is interested in us. It’s with the arrival of the digital environment and the new communication channels. And also, is all this change, and brand and client can look each other in the eye and talk face to face bidirectionally. This is inbound marketing or the inbound market philosophy.

Firstly, 1450-1900: print advertising appears

1450 Gutenberg invents the printing press. The world of books and form copies is transformed.

1730, the magazine emerges as a means of communication.

1741, the first American magazine published in Philadelphia.

And also, 2003-2004, three social networks launched: LinkedIn, My Space and Facebook.

And also,2006, surge Twitter.

In 2009, Google launched real-time searches.

As of 2010, 90% of all US households have a mobile phone.

Young people between the eternities of 13 and 24 spend 13.7 hours on the internet, compared to 13.6 hours watching television.

Lastly, As of 2012, there are already 54.8 million tablet users.

Plan of Marketing

A marketing plan is the result of homework agreed out by a company (or for a company) with the aim of better understanding the consumption subtleties. And also, its financial niche, that is, the rules of the willing of its board marketplace.

Its plans are typically schematic, analytical documents that diagnose the marketplace and also follow offer keys or recommendations to exploit the financial year.

This includes four big ideas:

Market analysis. A reading of the requests and requirements of the buyer public in a specific area, in which the putting of the company that carries out the advertising plan concerning its competition and the image that consumers have of it takes into account.

Objectives. A path to follow, a specific goal link to improving the company’s conditions, which is always the result of preliminary marketplace examination.

Strategies to follow. In the view of persons who prepare the plan, the set of recommendations or “solutions” that necessity is practical to recover the presence in the market or to maintain or combine.

Objectives of Marketing

For marketing to fulfil its mission, the objective is a crucial factor.

If we don’t know what we want to achieve it’s better that you forget to make it because otherwise.  It won’t do any good.

The idea of ​​”I have to promote myself because the neigh does” is useless. And also, it will be throwing money away for nothing.

Think very well from the beginning what your objective is and then everything. If will be on track to achieve it.

Keys on Marketing

Marketers usually focus their activities on the Four P’s: Product, Price, Place (distribution) and Advertising (promotion). And also, its appeals to different techniques and methodologies to conquer and achieve other objectives of a commercial company.

Marketing has been invented to meet the needs in exchange for benefit for companies that use it to develop. It is a tool that, without uncertainty, is strictly necessary to achieve commercial success.

Some phrases wherever the term is used are: “We are going to hire an expert to help us in the company”. “Lowering prices during the World Cup was a great strategy”. “I am reading a new marketing book”.

Marketing focuses on a two-way process: exchanging goods and services amid the dissimilar social and economic actors in a given district of the consumption spectrum. And also, it is unkind it is equivalent to advertising, although. It uses other disciplines or techniques and also such as business models. To analyse and formulate its results.

Mix of Marketing

Basically, a marketing or commercial mix is ​​the name given to a set of tools obtainable to change onward with its marketing plan.

Part of a sectoral understanding of the financial sections of the market: creation or service ( life cycle, nature, etc.), value (forms of payment, credit, discounts, etc.), distribution (distribution channels, moment, etc. ) and also promotion ( advertising, public relations, effective communication, etc.).

Direct of Marketing

Direct marketing understands as communication deprive intermediaries between the company and its customers or consumers. Which happens through techniques and mechanisms to enlarge. If the customer base is (capture new ones). In assuring the continuity. And also, it’s the consumption of a particular product or simply the adherence to a cause, a social organization or the backing of a specific institution.

Types of Marketing

Here I leave you different plans and types of marketing and concepts that can assist you in your global process for your brand, product or facility:

Marketing Plan. Firstly, Discover the meaning of this idea, why it is essential to design a good marketing plan and the keys to creating the best one. Without a marketing plan, the objectives set by the company or brand cannot achieve.

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing. Digital marketing or online is the discipline committed to developing a strategy solely in the digital environment.

Direct Marketing. Direct marketing is a campaign that seeks to trigger a result. And also, it’s a specific audience base on natural and two-way communication.

Email Marketing. Bet on one of the most profitable and effective techniques in return. Send emails to your audience and define your segmentation very well.

Viral Marketing. That content becomes viral is the dream of any brand. And also, Viral is like a virus that replicates from one human to without control. In with a tremendous capacity for expansion.

Mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a broad concept that combines all those actions. Its campaigns focus exclusively on mobile devices: smartphones and tablets.

Performance marketing. Performance Marketing or Results is a methodology applies by several agencies. And also, it assures advertisers that they only have to pay for results.

Inbound Marketing. This methodology focuses on creating precious content to draw qualified traffic aligned. In with your sector to capture potential customers to work. In towards the final sale.

Marketing tools for Instagram. Persons’ free tools will help you improve your strategy on Instagram, the trendy social network with enormous exponential growth.


We similar it or not, part of people’s lives. It chooses it by vocation and others by selection. If out of stipulation and others out of obligation. And also, in fulfilling the unwritten role of being consumers or customers. Its others help design strategies to find the best way to offer the brand’s products and services to people.

And also, it is an eternal immutable that has been transforming parallel to human evolution for centuries. Some authors trace the origin to the exchange of goods between nomadic tribes of prehistory. Others mark its birth in Greek times with the appearance of currency and trade. Market in ancient Greece.

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