If you want to inspire in your intention of how to write the story of my life, here are 12 inspiring examples to create your account, as well as other stories that involve family and close friends:

1. Malala Yousafzai

We start this list of examples of life stories with a very moving one, demonstrating the desire to improve its protagonist. The young Pakistani Malala Yousafzai was the victim of a terrorist attack in 2012 when she was 15 years old. Since in her student days, she began her role as an anonymous blogger and activist for women’s access to education. Especially in a context where the Taliban regime dominated the Swat region.

Given the seriousness of the injuries sustained, he required surgical intervention on multiple occasions, also having to deal with the death threats he suffered so that he would leave his work as an activist. Nevertheless, Malala managed to recover with the international community’s support and influential political actors. Strengthen her work to ensure the inclusion of women in the educational system of her country, actions that earned her the award of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2014, being the youngest winner to obtain it.

2. Stephen Hawking

The life level of one of the most recognized scientific geniuses globally also motivates many people. As a Physics student at the University of Cambridge, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a degenerative disease for which his treating doctors gave him only a few years to live.

Despite his condition, which took its toll on his body, the Oxford native managed to become one of the most outstanding theoreticians of the 20th century, making valuable contributions to science and authoring several books. With his death in 2018, he became the oldest person to have ALS, a pathology that, without a doubt, was not an impediment for this genius to develop all his intellectual capacity.

3. Bethany Hamilton

The life story of this American surfer has moved everyone after making herself known in a film that shows her story in the face of the adverse situation she had to face. At 13, while surfing on a Hawaiian beach, she was attacked by a shark that practically tore off her left arm, which was utterly amputated sometime later.

Faced with this terrible scenario, Hamilton continued training until she became one of the most acclaimed surfers in the world, participating in national and world competitions, obtaining outstanding results and demonstrating that no matter the challenge presented, it must be dazed without excuses.

4. Kelvin Doe

One of the fascinating examples of making a child’s life story is that it inspires the life of its protagonist, Kelvin Doe, a native of Sierra Leone who grew up in extreme poverty. However, his ingenuity allowed him to create beautiful inventions in a self-taught way, building electronic devices with parts from landfills near his house.

At the age of 10, what began as a hobby turned into his professional career. Formalizing his training in Canada to become a renowned inventor on the African continent.

5. Dick and Rick Hoyt

This story symbolizes the indescribable love between a father and his son. Rick was born with cerebral palsy from oxygen deprivation caused by being born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. However, as he produced older, he developed his passion for sports, which prompted his father Dich to involve him in all sports activities without his son’s condition being an obstacle.

Today, this brotherly bond has become well known for demonstrating that parents’ support is precious in the face of adversity, influencing many people with similar situations.

6. Narayanan Krishnan

From being an acclaimed chef at a five-star hotel to being a helping hand for those most in need. The skills of this prestigious Indian chef strengthen by his charitable work, which he began when he experienced an encounter with an old homeless man who, in the absence of food, ate his excrement.

This experience opened the eyes of Krishnan, who created an NGO to provide food support. To elderly and disabled people in a state of poverty. For this noble task, the cook gets up every day at 4 AM to prepare the dishes and distribute them to the needy in the streets of his hometown. Something worthy of a flesh and blood hero.

7. Pablo Pineda

People with Down syndrome are other referents of overcoming, as is the case of this young Spaniard who managed to overcome the social and own barriers of his condition to train professionally, being the first person with this syndrome to obtain a university degree.

Trained in Teaching and Psychopedagogy, he has also stood out as a writer and motivational speaker. Motivating people with a similar situation to pursue higher education through his paradigm. Where he ensures a more inclusive and plural educational system for all.

8. I’m Dong-Hyun

Life Stories and their Examples

Do you know the story of this North Korean Olympic athlete? Well, it is another life story that shows that there is no limitation to achieving the proposed dreams. He has severe myopia that, in his adolescence, intensified until he was virtually blind.

However, his goal of being an outstanding archery athlete took him to the highest peaks. Participating in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Surprising the community and attesting that his illness was not an obstacle to participating. In addition, he has established several world records in this sport, being one of the current references in this discipline.

9. Jessica Long

The world’s Paralympic sport has among its greatest exponents this American swimmer of Siberian origin. Who has won several gold medals within the sports discipline she practices. This story worthy of a biography stars Long. Born with defects in her legs, which led to the amputation of both limbs. When she was not yet two years old.

Adopted by an American family, she received support to practice swimming as a hobby in her spare time. Still, her perseverance made this hobby her lifestyle. Participating in numerous contests in the discipline and reaching a Paralympic world record.

10. Soichiro Honda

A job rejection led to the birth of an entrepreneur. The Japanese engineer Soichiro Honda, coming from a humble family, went to the offices of Toyota. One of the most recognized automotive companies in the world, to get a job in this prestigious company. However, his profile did not fit the expectations, so he was discarded.

However, this fact encouraged the entrepreneur to found one of the companies. That managed to match and even surpass Toyota’s achievements in the automotive market, as is the case of Honda. This assembly company bears his last name, which earned him prestigious success as a global entrepreneur.

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