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How to repair your laptop yourself?

Because of their mobile nature, laptops and notebooks are at high risk of becoming victims of environmental influences. We’ll show you six intelligent ways to repair your notebook quickly and easily yourself.

No matter how solid you try, sooner or later, your mobile PC will experience falls, liquid spills, and worse. However, it is not advisable to go to the PC repair service immediately with every little laptop ailmentor sprint to the manufacturer. Because many notebook problems can be solved cost-effectively and quickly, do it yourself. Everything you need: a few everyday tools, spare parts and a little diligence. Some of these repairs aren’t much harder to pull off than a 7th-grade art project. However, there are now various modern laptops and notebooks that are difficult to repair and that you cannot even open yourself. If you don’t see any screws, that could indicate that you will fail this project.

Using the example of a few old mobile PCs, we will show you six famous laptop problems that you can quickly fix – from broken housings to battered mains adapters and scratched displays. Of course, we will also tell you what materials you need and what budget you should plan for. Be warned, however: your system will almost certainly be different from those shown, may require particular replacement parts, or even require a completely different repair approach. Therefore, YouTube is your friend.

It would help if you also researched the fittingof spare parts: especially for power adapters or fans. These may look relatively similar, but they can have significant differences in operation. Therefore, use eBay, Amazon and other online shops to find the fitting spare parts.

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