10 Kinds of Digital Marketing you should know

 Kinds of Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is a great tool that combines versatile techniques that adapt to each market sector, providing extensive benefits. Although, until now, you should already know perfectly well the definition of this discipline, if not, I will remind you in a few words: digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is a set of commercial and advertising actions and strategies executed in digital media, such as websites, blogs, forums, social networks and more.

Before implementing your digital strategy, you must know the typology of digital marketing to properly direct your resources, efforts, and, above all, money.

Indeed, you have heard about the ten types of digital marketing; check them out below:

1. Content marketing

Therefore content marketing is single of the most used today in digital strategies. Content marketing brings together actions and techniques based on generating information that helps you position your brand in the market and digital media. Content is the fundamental element of all digital marketing strategies. Without it, the ideal results are not obtained. Through content marketing, your potential customers become your actual customers. As a result, you reinforce your brand’s presence on the network and promote the positioning of your online site.

2. Inbound marketing

It is a set of marketing actions that provide helpful and valuable information to potential users, always considering the motto: “make your customers find you, and not you find them”. The essence of this type of digital marketing is to share the content of interest to users without using aggressive techniques to only commercial aspects. In the first instance, worry about the user’s needs and then offer them your products.

3. Relationship Marketing

It intends to generate profitable relationships with customers. In relationship marketing: “the customer is the focus, and understanding it is the purpose.” This type of digital marketing considers the customer the most important element in digital strategies, leaving aside the product or service to fully understand and understand potential users’ needs and desires.

4. Conversational marketing

This type of digital marketing focuses its efforts on getting your customers to speak well of your brand and your products or services; To do this, both factors must meet the specific conditions that lead your customers to recommend you to other people because of the pleasant experience they have obtained with your brand. Conversational marketing goes far beyond a commercial interest. It is not based on selling – only – its essence lies in ensuring that the client obtains a unique and valuable experience.

5. Permission marketing

It is the newest type of digital marketing on the market and, therefore, the least common. Permission marketing bases its efforts on obtaining the client’s authorization for the brand to share information about its products or services and additional information. Despite being a little-used strategy, it is one of the most important. Well, the user is the one who should decide what information he wants to receive and how often.

6. SEO

SEO, in Spanish “search engine optimization”, is a process by which it intends to improve a website to increase its positioning in user searches. In this way, by optimizing the website and enhancing its visibility in search engines, the business will attract potential customers. Some SEO factors to consider to improve the marketing strategy are:

  • Improve the quality of the content, considering that it is of interest.
  • Establish strategic, competitive and relevant keywords.
  • Website crawl ability and download speed.
  • Valuable and authoritative link building strategies.
  • Constant audits of the standing and operation of the website.

7. SEM

SEM, in Spanish “search engine marketing”, is a process that involves tools, techniques and strategies to optimize the perceptibility of websites in search engines. Although SEM can encompass organic web positioning (SEO) and paid web positioning, it mainly refers to the latter. That is also known as PPC marketing or pay per click.

Therefore, SEM marketing schedules are those in which the backer seeks to get transportation by investing in search engine advertising. It bases on measurable indicators such for example impressions, clicks and CTR. In this way, by hiring high-performance ads, the corporation aims to achieve rapid positioning on the main page of search engines. A generally used SEM marketing strategy is ad advertising through Google Ads.

8. Marketing automation

However in the marketing area, many actions carry out every day, which sometimes makes it difficult to concentrate on strategies. Marketing automation allows you to inaugurate tools and automate efforts to facilitate these tasks. However, the purpose is that these automated actions do not lose their human quality.

Automation software is governed by the user experience used since they simulate real interaction in the most natural way possible. Among these actions is the automation of email, chats through bots, description of behaviours of potential customers and others that save time minus losing the quality of user service.

9. Email marketing

It is one of the records used types of digital marketing campaign since it is practical, measurable, economical and not very intrusive. Andmore it generates lists of users and clients to whom emails can be sent periodically, with informative or promotional content. However, even this marketing has perfect to be more and more personalized and directed to the needs and preferences of each user.

To generate these subscribers, you can include registrations on the website or social networks, where the user grants the authorization to receive material from the brand. In count, in these forms, you can include some general questions of user preferences to send you content that is actually of interest to you. In this way, you will grow the chances of generating conversions and adding new customers.

10. Social Media Marketing

Social grids are the best platforms to make products known. It is something that marketing experts know how to recognize. Therefore, they put creative strategies into these channels—particularly taking advantage of the variety of tools that each podium offers and the specificity of users who use them. Andmore that allows generating a more excellent and better bond with customers and keeping the brand on everyone’s lips.

Also, considering that new social networks often emerge with new formats and tools. Keeping abreast of these marketing opportunities is necessary. In this way, you can define the appropriate platforms for marketing strategies and the brand’s target audience. Today’s most-used networks are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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