Tips to Succeed in a Job Interview – Latest Update

Job Interview – When you prepare yourself, show your strengths, stand out, and provide new ideas to the company interested in your job profile. And that’s what the job interview is for.

Yes, there can indeed be anxiety before one, whether it is your first interview or you consider yourself an expert. That’s why today, we tell you some tips to get her out of the stadium and move on to the next level of the selection process . They’re over here!

1. Prepare for your Job Interview

Maybe you’ve heard this one or not. But it is the key advice. Forget going into an interview knowing nothing about the company, the position, or the interviewer. Knowing specific information about the work may not be easy before the discussion, but you can investigate based on similar positions.

The basic thing regarding the interviewer is to see if he is present on social networks such as Linkedin Instagram and know a little about how he expresses himself and what types of content he shares. Thus, you already have an idea, make an image of yourself, and have more confidence.

And obviously, look for all possible information about the company, its history, its values, and what it has recently highlighted. It also helps you find out what you identify within the company and contribute from your knowledge and experience.

2. Review your Professional Experience

They often ask you about your previous jobs, and due to nerves, you can even hesitate. High! So that this does not happen, read your resume and highlight what you would like them to hear from you during the interview.

Speak positively about your previous tasks, describe your most important achievements and projects, which are more related to the position you are applying for. Try to make it sound like a story to grab the interviewer’s attention.

You can also add a speech of a maximum of 2 minutes in which you express your strengths, skills, what you are most passionate about related to the position, and finally, what you can contribute if you are selected.

3. Always Respond by Looking for the Positive Side

Those difficult questions like what is your weakness? What do you need to improve? They should be answered calmly and thinking ahead of what you might say.

For example, do not expose weaknesses that could be a problem for that job. If you are put on for a position involving technology, do not say that you do not know how to use some digital tools.

Focus on what you have been working or studying to improve the chosen weakness. And well, choose a weak point that is not so serious; that yes, never invent a liability that you do not have. Always be honest, mention your less serious weakness, which is not essential. Psst “I’m a perfectionist, or a workaholic” are things interviewers are used to hearing by now.

4. Arrive on Time for your Job Interview

The day before he sleeps enough, he gets up early the day of the interview. Do not come running and if the discussion is virtual, organize yourself a few minutes before. It is also unnecessary to overreact and arrive a long time back, which shows anxiety. It can be about 5 minutes back, and it is better to wait a while than to wait and not show disinterest.

5. Clothes say a lot About You

Everything communicates; your clothes, the accessories, the way you wear your hair. The first impression can be decisive, and the ideal is that you wear clothes according to the sector in which you are presenting yourself as a candidate. Choose to see yourself formal, well presented, with neatness.

Avoid distractions such as low-cut necklines, colourful or large accessories, excess makeup, overly elaborate hairstyles. Imagine what that professional image you want to project is. 🤩

6. Pay Attention to your Body Language

Avoid crossing your arms, your hands hidden, don’t constantly touch your face. Control the movements of your legs, feet and trunk; although they are unconscious, they can transmit your nerves.

Always look the interviewer in the eye and maintain a smiling expression.

7. Listen Carefully to the Questions

Be as specific as possible. Now, don’t respond with monosyllables either, and show empathy and interest to any comment.

Don’t interrupt the interviewer, speak without hesitation, and don’t go into too much detail. By the end of the interview, you can request space for any doubts or questions you wish to ask. And always, always give thanks.

What is needed for an interview to be successful?

Interview Techniques

  • Arrive on time or a few minutes early.
  • Greet your interviewer by their title and last name.
  • Shake his hand firmly.
  • Please wait for me to offer you a chair before sitting down.
  • Try to be as charismatic as possible.
  • Listen and try to be a good conversationalist.

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