Integrated Marketing Communication – Communications have undergone a whole process of alteration. It has gone from traditional marketing communication that only sought the greatest possible reach using mass media such as television, radio and print media – offline, to digital communication – online.

It allows us to reach people with an integrated, personalized strategy adapted to each consumer. Above all, this communication will enable us to measure its effect on the audience.

This change has given rise to the new concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC), or comprehensive market communications. It is the set of all communications and promotion methods of an organization, integrated and unified, that undoubtedly reach the consumer and thus achieve loyalty.

How to do Integrated Marketing Communication?

Integrated communication seeks to send a single message through the different channels, media and supports.

  • Be clear, clean: the consumer must grasp it effortlessly.
  • It has to convey the values ​​of the brand.
  • You must talk about the benefits of the product and convince at the same time.

Objectives of Integrated Marketing Communication

Objectives of Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrating all those instruments that marketing and communication make available to any organization pursues very specific objectives:

  1. Like any other marketing or promotion action, what is sought is to increase the number of sales, retain consumers and attract new ones.
  2. If what it is about is presenting a new product or brand, what we will achieve is to cause a greater impact.
  3. Effectively transmit the benefits of products or services to the user.
  4. Improve the shopping and user experience.
  5. Differentiate yourself from the competition through the communication of the company’s values.
  6. Establish emotional bonds between customers and the brand.
  7. Achieve better SEO positioning.
  8. Transfer a brand image that the consumer quickly identifies and strengthen your credibility.
  9. Increase productivity and reduce costs; something that is achieved once the whole team works in the same direction.

What is Achieved with the IMC – Integrated Marketing Communication?

Thanks to integrated marketing communication, the following objectives can be achieved in a company:

  • Therefore, make the most of the available means of communication, and better results are obtained.
  • Increase opportunities to implement creative plans and consistent messages.
  • The synergy of all areas within the company.
  • Better economic results of the company
  • And also, generates a better work environment
  • The company has more credibility with its customers

Channels for the IMC- Integrated Marketing Communication

Victor Plaza, professor at the Postgraduate School of the Continental University, mentions some of the key tracks to manage communication effectively:

  • Advertising: A little personalized channel with a massive message
  • Sales promotion: Incentives to customers to increase sales (discounts, offers, packages)
  • Public relations are all actions that have the purpose of building and maintaining good relationships with customers. It strengthens the good image of the brand.
  • Custom sale
  • Direct marketing is communication with target customers to obtain an immediate response or maintain a relationship to build loyalty.
  • Social media

The 4Cs of the IMC- Integrated Marketing Communication

Surely you already know the 4P of marketing (product, place, price and promotion). The 4Cs of integrated marketing communication reinforce how the different communication channels should be coordinated.

  1. Coherence: However, it refers to the meaning of the entire set of communication. Each message must be part of a communication mix and be consistent. The notes must be related to each other. Finally, the entire communication plan must aim at the same objective and transmit the same message.
  2. Consistency: The messages received by clients and potential clients must follow the same line and purpose of communication without being contradictory.
  3. Continuity: The messages must also maintain a continuous sequence with all communication channels, so the client does not lose attention.
  4. Complementarity: And also, each of these elements of the 4C must remain integrated and complement each other. In this way, the adequate integrated marketing communication of the company ensure.

As you can see, all of these individual elements are necessary throughout the brand presence to create a consistent and ultimately successful unified communication.

Suppose you show interest in continuing to update your knowledge either in marketing and communications or in the area of ​​your preference. In that case, a postgraduate degree is a key to your professional development.

What is the Importance of Integrated Marketing Communication?

Therefore, the function of integrated marketing communication lies in bringing them together and working with the support of each of these. When a company manages all the communication channels, aiming to communicate the same message to its customers, it uses integrated marketing communication.


It refers to integrating all brand promotion methods to promote a product or service in the market. Moreover, at IMC, all aspects work together for maximum profitability and increased sales.

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