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How to use Branded Audio Content for your Business?

The world of audio is taking over the space of digital content, and from the perspective of marketing, it is worth considering and exploring.

Consumers are flooded with highly creative and beneficial audio content. Wearable technology, smart speakers, and other connected devices can deliver audio content where and when consumers request it. They can watch the morning news and podcasts while they cook or stay at home for unparalleled reach.

For this reason, marketers must look for innovative ways to incorporate audio content-based branding into their marketing and communications approaches. What this means is that you need to use audio-specific content in your marketing strategies. To conduct market research and incorporate audio content into your marketing you need a good internet connection and a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can consider Cox, which is one of the leading brands in the market. They offer a wide range of plans and packages so you will find something to suit your needs. Another redeeming feature is that Cox Internet prices are affordable and you can easily take advantage of their several paying methods to make sure you always pay in time. Now that your connection is set, let us get into the details.

What is the hype about audio content?

Audio content differs from textual or video content based on the ease of engagement. It is more inert than videos and text because you do not have to sit in one place to explore it.  Instead, you can explore audio anywhere, whether you are at work, in the gym, running errands, or doing chores.

Moreover, audio can be interesting and the ability to use it while doing other tasks makes it especially attractive to listen to during the day.

Audio content is not just about podcasts; this includes marketing materials of all kinds, such as auditory entertainment or audiograms, AI-based voice assistant activities, also known as skills, and much more. Because audio is interactive, it is a fun and effective way to get the message across. Marketers prefer this due to its ability to do more with less and instantly. Many even believe digital audio to be the future of content.

What kind of audio content should you use?

We put together a list of the different types of audio content that are out there in the market and can be used in your business. However, keep in mind that your choice will vary depending on the type of business and your target market.

Voice search

Voice search optimization is the practice of customizing ads so that they can be searched for by voice search, usually through a smart speaker or virtual assistant. When searching for something on one of these devices, users speak commands to the voice-activated devices instead of typing words that recognize their words and perform searches for them.


Podcasts have become exceedingly popular and the mostprominent ones have numerous listeners. In addition, because there is a large variety of podcasts that cover many different topics, they have a variety of listeners. In general, podcast listeners tend to be well-educated, wealthy, and most likely to have Google Home or Alexa smart devices, making them more open to choosing audio content at home.

However, you cannot just go create a podcast that focuses on your company; that will not attract many listeners. Instead, try designing a podcast about some specific topic or product related to your industry or some feature of your business that affects customers.

Audio advertisement

Audio advertising refers to the use of sound, such as music, jingles, tones, or sound effects, in your marketing efforts to build brand awareness. This allows you to access other senses besides vision. As visual marketing becomes pervasive, audio advertising allows your business to stand out from others that only focus on visuals.

Depending on your audience, audio advertising can be an effective marketing tool. Ads on platforms like Spotify are a great way to reach young people. Additionally, as far as podcasts go, you will find at least one or two podcasts available per topic, so finding podcasts with demographics that match your target audience will not be challenging.


Marketers make use of technology as a platform to engage and persuade consumers to listen to an audiobook for multitasking and efficiency. Through transmedia, the culture of influencers and author branding is on the rise, and the audiobook market has shown its resilience in the face of the pandemic.

How to include audio branding in your business

Assimilating audio branding techniques into your marketing and branding strategy requires constant messaging and emotional links with your brand. Execute your strategy across all touchpoints to provide an unfailing experience for your customer base.

You can also use audio for internal messages. It can be a great way to get your employees involved, especially when most of them are working from home. You can share audio files on your intranet and keep everyone informed, connected, and interested.

Wrapping it up

Whether you want to reach new potential customers or appeal to your existing customers, you need to set a goal for your audio content before implementing it. You need to analyze how audio fits into your overall content creation efforts, so include it in your marketing approach with all the videos and written content you design or develop. You can then delve deeper into what type of audio content is right for your brand.

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