Who uses Gantt Charts?

Gantt Charts Software – Gantt charts find applications in various industries. Some industries that use Gantt charts are IT, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education, event companies, human resources, marketing agencies, consultancies, and design creatives.

Executives and decision-makers know how to use this tool to plan effectively, schedule, assign and execute tasks. Some of the important users of Gantt charts are:

  • project managers
  • Product managers also owners
  • CEO and CTO
  • Human resource managers
  • operations managers
  • marketing managers

Now, let’s look at certain software for creating Gantt charts.

1.     Monday.com

Generate robust and beautiful Gantt charts for your projects to capably plan, execute and track projects with Monday.com ‘s flexible and visual platform. It allows you to accomplish tasks and capacity, plan a project, track dependency and workload, monitor progress, and collaborate with the team .

You can keep track of milestones through Gantt charts and never miss any deadlines. View milestones and important dates to set dependencies for projects and ensure everything goes smoothly and on time. Turn old-fashioned spreadsheets into smart dashboards and easily view them as Gantt charts. Plus, collaborate with your team to discuss work context seamlessly using Gantt charts.

Gantt charts allow you to transform your data to ensure overall workflows run smoothly and efficiently. You can also accept real-time updates on every device to improve team engagement and collaboration instantly. Plus, Monday lets you set up automation in no time to drop repetitive tasks and save time. Connect your business tools to Monday.com and experience a better workflow by having all your tools in one place.

If you’re an individual, they use Free Mondays and get the features you need to keep track of your work. Choose a plan that suits your business needs at $10/seat/month and take a free trial for the same plan.

2.     ClickUp

Manage dependencies, schedule tasks, and prioritize each task on a timeline with ClickUp. The energetic timeline allows you to track progress, handle bottlenecks, and manage deadlines.

This chart gives you a comprehensive view of all your projects, tasks, lists, and spaces and lets you assign different colours to different tasks, so you know what’s happening where. Sort each task according to its prioritization and create one-click waterfall views to see essential tasks one by one.

Update your projects with modest drag and drop and share details with your team along with dynamic progress percentages. Simplify your work even further by linking new tasks with dependencies so that every time you drag a study with dependencies, it automatically finds rescheduled tasks in the chain.

Discover dependency path tracing to learn about potential bottlenecks and avoid inefficiencies. Get profits of unlimited users, unlimited tasks, 100MB of storage and two-factor authentication on ClickUp free plan. If you plan to have unlimited storage, the price will be $5/member/month.

3.     Wrike

Speed ​​up your project planning with Gantt chart software – Wrike .

Wrike creates Gantt charts online to make your work easier by conveniently managing projects. His interactive timelines help you see the progress of your project and keep his team on the same page.

You’ll never miss any project progress, communication, or deadline with the dynamic timeline. The Gantt chart gives you a complete view of dependencies and the scope of work. Intelligent critical path analysis allows you to detect bottlenecks that can cause operational inefficiencies.

You can control several projects from a single platform. Plus, update project schedules with drag-and-drop to collaborate with teams in real-time. Plus, you can import all of yours.MPX, .XML, and .MPP tasks into Wrike for a streamlined project experience.

A Gantt chart allows you to monitor, adjust, and communicate about projects in one space. With the full display of Gantt charts, you can understand what you’re doing and how everything is related. Plus, you can quickly share progress snapshots with the team and change deadlines and dates through drag-and-drop tasks.

Wrike’s project scheduler’s dynamic timeline automatically adjusts everything connected to your changes. Team members will be instantly notified whenever you add assignees, project duration, and dates. And all settings will be shared with your team repeatedly. Start sharing tasks with your team professionally by scheduling software using a link, and also allow you to take a printout of the Gantt chart.

Wrike offers a free version of the Gantt chart for unlimited users and 2 GB of storage space per account. The price of the professional service is $9.80/user/month.

4.     Smartsheet

Smartsheet Gantt Charts Software

Try a quick and easy online Gantt chart software Smart Sheet to make your work life easier. Therefore, this online task planning and execution platform allow you to create Gantt charts to manage work and project requirements. It gives you a familiar then easy-to-use spreadsheet edge so you can quickly create Gantt charts with a few clicks. You can integrate Smart Sheet with your business tools to offer you a better experience while you work.

And also, create a single central location of project details and share work with external stakeholders and internal teams by attaching information and files in the context of the Gantt chart. Empower your team to manage work from the comfort of their place, at any time. Plus, display the Gantt chart on the dashboard to see the real-time project status. The tool also improves your productivity and saves time to help you focus on critical tasks.

However, You’ll get everything you’d expect in an online Gantt chart tool, like drag-and-drop Gantt bars, organize tasks, schedule tasks, adjust Gantt colours, set dependencies, change column types, set reminders, identify critical paths, store files, assign tasks, track milestones, export your work, manage resources, and much more.

5.     Instagantt

Manage your team’s schedules, workloads, kanban boards, and tasks with online Gantt chart software – Snapshot. It allows you to plan your project, set dependencies, track baselines, and understand your team’s workload.

Create professional Gantt charts in minutes with drag and drop. Align your work with dependencies, so you know which task comes first and keep track of the rest to avoid delays in project completion. Also, always keep track of your team to see what each member is working on at any given time to balance your team.

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