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Developer Survey

I started the analysis by trying to understand the available data. As part of this process, I examined the data closely based on the questions above, trying to find nearly related columns.

  1. The most important columns are:
  2. DevType: Information about the different types of developers that work
  3. JobSat – Developer job satisfaction information
  4. careers: Developer job satisfaction information
  5. ConvertedComp: Information about a person’s compensation.
  6. WorkWeekHrs: Information about a developer’s working hours
  7. LanguageWorkedWith – Information about a developer’s programming language experience
  8. WebframeWorkedWith – Insights into a developer we frame experience
  9. DatabaseWorkedWith – Information about a developer’s database experience

data preparation

Since I was more interested in insights into current developers, I’ve limited my analysis to the following:

  1. Full-time developer
  2. Developers working in appropriate organizations
  3. Developers with a supreme age limit of 55 years
  4. Developers with a minimum salary of $10,000
  5. Developer with at least 40 working hours per week

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