What is Computing?

The term computing comes from Latin, according to the RAE from computation, but other sources frame that it stems from the Latin voice computing form by the prefix “com” ​​equal to «with» and «pure», which means «to compute, evaluate. The definition of computing is the science that deals.

Its the study of computers, encompassing their design, operation, and use in the data processing. In other words, computing refers to the precise research-based on automatic systems for managing information, which can do through tools designed for that purpose

Computing is the science of automatic dispensation of information, which can be made up of symbols, numbers or words, which is generally called an alphanumeric expression.

Evolution of Computing

Evolution of  Computing
The term “computer science” owes its creation to the German Karl established, in 1957, when he added this word to his publication called “Computer science: automatic information processing”.

In the early days of computing, only repetitive and monotonous work carries out within the administration area. Computers specialize, so they did not perform tasks automatically as they do now, being necessary. In to enter computer codes repeatedly to achieve the same job.

Operating systems were the revolution of ambiguity, arduous and slow tasks. They made easy what seem impossible. They manage to establish a series of available codes immersed them in the computer’s hard drive so that it could perform the functions that the user requested without having to enter the principles over and over again. Bill Gates was in charge of breaking up with this problem and creating Microsoft Windows.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, cloud services or cloud computing, mentions a concept of computer services that offer, paid or free, to users positioned. It’s anywhere in the world and with an Internet assembly, programs or applications for personal use. It’s a business that host on the internet (also called “cloud”). Nowadays, this concept is widespread. we find it in email services, social grids or software such as Microsoft Office 365, which do not need to be installed on a computer but can be used directly in the cloud.

In addition, it can be said that computing is the technology that allows studying the treatment of information finish automatic computer machines; for this reason, it conceptualizes as the science that educates the operation of computers and their design and uses in evidence management.

History of Computing

It has a route of no more than a century, though sources state that its beginnings can trace back when machines or artefacts guide to different calculation tasks began to be made; By 1623, the first mechanical calculator invents by a famous German mathematician named Wilhelm Schick.

It was not until the 1940s that certain artefacts began to appear that made it possible to carry out multiple processes, that is, they limit to mathematical calculations; in the ’80s, personal computers or PCs emerge, and it was for the 20th century that the development of the computer had the most significant boom continue to develop until today.

Concept of Computing

The concept of computation comes from Latin computing, which refers to computation, such as counting. Computing is the science in the custody of learning systems, more precisely computers, that automatically manage information.

Within computer science, different areas of teaching can be illustrious:

  • Data Structure and Procedures: Critical research in computing is data construction and procedures. For this, these last two analyzes solve the specific problems. In this area, mathematical analysis is elementary.
  • Operating systems: Operating systems detail in one of the most critical areas. They are continuously created and updated to improve their operation, improving flaws and adapting them to new market needs.
  • Computer architecture: About ​​computer architecture, new computers create faster and with better capabilities. The focus is often on specific components, such as memory, CPU, and peripherals (input and output).
  • Programming Languages: Another critical area in the study of computing is programming languages. The objective is to create new software design languages ​​that are more efficient and earlier, with superior functionalities and capabilities.

Computing or informatics is the discipline that studies and investigates digital technological techniques and devices.


The term computing comes from Latin, but other sources voice that it derives from the Latin voice computer. Its form by the start com ​​equal to «with» and «pure», which means to compute, evaluate”. The definition of computing is science. It deals with the study of computers, encompassing their design, operation, and use in the data processing. In other words, computing refers to the technical research base on automatic systems. Its manages information, which can do through design for that purpose.

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