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In this article, we explain what a CMS, an acronym for Content Management System, in an Italian content management system is.

A content management scheme, or CMS, is software used to build websites and create content for publication on the Internet. A CMS allows you to create a website without writing any code.

In the early days of the Internet, you had to know HTML to code a website and publish its content online. It wasn’t easy, but the CMS made it much more manageable. Instead of programming your website from scratch, CMS software does it for you.

Think of it like driving a car. There is no need to understand the mechanics behind how it all works. Instead, it uses a simplified dashboard and pedals to tell the car what to do.

With a powerful CMS platform like WordPress, you can log into your website’s dashboard and use a streamlined interface to create your web pages, add content, and customize the layout. So the CMS does the hard work of creating the code for you.

With a suitable CMS, you can start a blog, open an e-commerce store, create a tutorial website, create portfolios, and more.

How a CMS works

As with any software, there are many different options for CMS platforms. We compared the best CMS platforms on the market.

Although there is a wide range of CMS software, they all share some features. Here are some of the most common.

Website control panel

A sound content management system allows you to use a simple interface to create websites.

You can log in to the site dashboard to customize your site as a site owner. The dashboard can also be referred to as a website’s backend or admin area.

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