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In addition, we recommend you look for online exchange houses that allow you to change your euros or soles since you can do it without leaving your home.

How many Soles to Euros?

Table of conversions of soles and euros.

Suns                      euros

1 Soles                $0.21 Euro

2 soles                  $0.42 Euro

5 soles                  $1.05 Euro

10 soles 2.1 Euro

50 Soles               10.5 Euro

100 Soles             21 Euro

200 Soles             42 Euro

1000 soles           210 Euro

2000 Soles           420 Euro

5000 soles           $1,050 Euros

What is the Euro?

It is the currency of the European Union which in turn through 17 member states, including Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal.

It is now used by some 329 million citizens of the eurozone and another 240 million people worldwide. The STOXX 600 index fell 0.4%, Germany’s DAX 0.7% and France’s CEC 40 0.5% while UK stocks rose more than 6% last week.

European investors are betting on undervalued segments of the stock market, including banks, energy and mining after the US election sparked increased confidence about possible fiscal stimulus. It should note that the shares of Wall Street and Asia reached all-time highs after the events in the capital. That  is what is happening with the dollar in Peru

Benefits of the Euro – Change Euros to Soles

Europe’s flagship currency has a wide variety of benefits for individuals, organizations and countries.

According to the official site of the European Union, the euro provides various facilities such as:

  • It is a stable currency in prices.
  • Influential in the global economy.
  • It is present in various parts of the world.
  • It is the second most used reserve currency in the world.

Considering these aspects, you can feel safe as long as you use them.

Nuevo Sol or Peruvian Sol

As of December 15, 2015, the official name of the Peruvian monetary unit changed from Nuevo sol to Sol according to Law No. 30381.

In addition, its symbol also changed from S/. just S/ (without the dot).

It is very important to save in mind that any variation in documents, prices, transactions and records from the year 2018 must be changed or signed with the new name of Sol and its symbol S /

In the case of banknotes in circulation, they may continue to use and in circulation with the acceptance of the Central Reserve Bank.

Euro vs Dollar

Euro vs Dollar

Although the dollar is a currency with a greater presence in the Peruvian market, there is always the question: which money should I save?

Due to the health disaster resulting from covid-19, it is necessary to consider that both currencies are highly volatile, especially for geopolitical reasons.

If we talk about the dollar, it has been suffering great volatility, reaching historical prices such as s/ 3.90. It is necessary to understand that it is always in constant change is highly volatile. On the other hand, the euro has an approximate value of s/4.60, which is why it has a higher price in the Peruvian market.

However, as we discussed above, the price of both currencies can be affected very easily.

Which Banks Sell Euros in Peru?

These are some of the banks that offer to buy and sell euros in Peru:

  • interbank
  • Scotiabank
  • National bank
  • BCP

How to open a Savings Account in Euros in Peru?

Although each bank may have different requirements to open a savings account in Euros, there are certain characteristics in common:

  • You must choose a bank where you will save your Euros, remember to ask first and inform yourself.
  • You must have a DNI or (if you are a foreigner) your passport with a stamp or letter issued by Immigration and service receipt (water or electricity).
  • some banks do not ask you for a minimum amount.
  • Remember to check if it has any maintenance cost.

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