What does it Mean to be a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a being who represents the image of the organization before its target audience. He embodies the corporate identity, identifies with its values ​​, and generally attracts potential customers by sharing their experiences with its products and services.

Brand ambassadors carry out different offline and online promotional actions. They can become one of the voices of the corporate blog, attend events sponsored or organized by the brand, record advertising. It spots or fuel interest in the brand through publications on their social networks.

The Importance of the Brand Ambassador in Marking

Brand Ambassadors in marketing

Humanize the brand: By becoming the face of the organization, the brand ambassador humanizes the brand by bringing it closer to consumers so that they connect on a deeper emotional level.

Amplifies social reach: Recognized brand ambassadors or those with a large following can help your organization reach more potential customers.

Strengthen branding: Associating the brand with a familiar face increases the attractiveness of advertising campaigns by stimulating brand recall in the consumer’s mind.

Build trust in the brand: Recommendations from well-known or admired people increase consumers’ confidence and credibility.

The positive impact of the actions of brand ambassadors often increases the company’s popularity and, as a result, increases sales.

How to be a Brand Ambassador?

To be a brand ambassador, you comprise to meet specific requirements. Above all, the person must have a good reputation on and off the Internet. It must also identify and project the values ​​of the brand. Generally, proactive and extroverted people with a remarkable ability to communicate with the target audience are sought.

Many brands are betting on micro-influencers in specific market niches with great credibility and a strong connection with their audience. That means that to be a brand ambassador, you have to take great care of your image and be authentic. Staying lively on social media and building a loyal fan base is a good start. There are platforms, such as Scrunch, specialized in putting influencers in contact with brands.

Of course, having marketing skills also paves the way for being a brand ambassador. Discover the training offered in the area of ​​marketing and advertising at ESERP Business School

What Types of Brand Ambassadors are there?

Now that we have clarified what a brand ambassador is and his most important functions let’s see a possible classification to differentiate the different types of ambassadors. We can point out three categories:

parliamentary ambassadors: They are those employees who spontaneously defend the company. They perform both on networks and at personal events. The characteristic of these ambassadors. They remain at the level of opinions, spontaneity and feelings regarding our brand and products.

Promoter Ambassadors: This type of brand ambassador is more committed and acts using reason, with rational arguments and is much more involved in listening and giving answers about the company and its services.

Prescribing ambassadors: This last classification includes the most educated and conscientious ambassadors. They are always oriented to seek to improve the experiences of consumers. In the case of employees, they can act inside or outside their work environment since they are very involved with the project and its values.

It is essential to clarify that this classification does not refer to three different types of people or positions. The same person can be part of one or another category depending on the situation and the moment they find themselves.


Brand Ambassadors are the personal symbol of a brand; that is, the purpose of these professionals lies in developing and maintaining the company’s positive image by interacting efficiently with consumers. By this, they require a comprehensive understanding of the vision and functions of the organization in which they operate.

No other profile in the field of Marketing can represent and promote a brand, product or service in the way that Brand Ambassadors do since they are the ones who know the traits and voice of the brand better than anyone else.

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