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Bitcoin Write For Us

Bitcoin Write For Us

What Types Of Content Are Acceptable?Bitcoin Magazine is the world’s oldest and most trusted source of news, information, and expert analysis on Bitcoin, the blockchain technology that supports it, and the business that has sprung up around it. Since 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has delivered financial and technological analysis, research, teaching, and thought leadership.

Bitcoin Magazine aspires to provide reliable, timely, and relevant information to the Bitcoin and blockchain communities. We’re enthusiastic about bitcoin and eager to share information about the people, businesses, and technical advances transforming our world. Our mission is to inform and enlighten our readers, whether they are new to the field or seasoned blockchain engineers, investors, or entrepreneurs, with quality content that satisfies our strong editorial and journalistic standards, displaying the highs and lows of the bitcoin business.

What Types Of Content Are Acceptable?

Original, unpublished content about Bitcoin and related themes such as economics, politics, and culture is accepted by Bitcoin Magazine. We ceased posting non-Bitcoin-related articles in early 2019. (also known as “Bitcoin Core” or “BTC”). We will make allowance for entries that are not directly related to Bitcoin (e.g., legislation, investing, or privacy), but we must give clear, relevant, and valuable information to a Bitcoin audience.

Bitcoin Magazine produces information in various media (live streams, podcasts, essays, memes, and so on), although it prefers to receive content from outside contributors’ articles.

Guest contributions from industry professionals and thought leaders interested in Bitcoin are welcome. Guest post entries are evaluated on content and usefulness to our readers, just like any other news story.

How to submit your articles

To submit your articles, you can email us at the

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