Approach to have with the Media – At a time when webinar proposals invade the boxes of media editorial staff, it isn’t easy to stand out. Some companies multiply white papers, which are an excellent approach, but journalists are likely to quickly put them in the trash if there is an abundance of them. Certainly, it is sometimes useful to go through the media to make yourself known. But how to access it when you are just starting or don’t know anyone to have a small article dedicated to your business. It would be best if you were convincing and motivated, you will tell us. But it’s not given to everyone, with our advice, you will be sure to distinguish yourself.

New! Exit the Press Conference

The press conference dedicated to the latest scoop, linked to criminal cases to corporate crises that unleash passions, fills the room with journalists from all over France, Europe, and worldwide. Still, the press conference dedicated to your product and your business will not attract a media crowd.

For companies, the press conference was an unavoidable staging. The company took care of inviting journalists to give information, which was crucial for it. Still, the journalists being not very available, organizing such an event proved to be mission impossible. If your notoriety remains low and the information does not allow you to write an article that will attract many readers, journalists will not be there. It is better to favour another form of communication that requires less energy in the preparation (speaker to choose, journalists to contact, room to reserve, microphones and sound system).

No Advertising but Information

One of the first elements to consider when you want to go to the media is to think about information and not advertising. Journalists are looking for interesting and relevant data to convey to their readers, viewers or listeners. The editorial staff will not advertise you for free. To be captivating to journalists, you have to provide information related to current events or a novelty that can impact the market. They are not all good to take. To reach the most media, they must be of the order of the scoop. To convince journalists, highlight your expertise and show that it is not just one piece of information. You must ask yourself the key question, who is interested in this information?

The Press Release, Essential but be Eccentric

The means of communication that does not get old and that everyone uses is the press release. It gives clear information to journalists so that they can exploit the subject.

The easiest way is to follow the diagram with all the essential elements of the press release. For this type of exercise, be lively and interesting. The journalist has a great experience behind him, and if your paper is too academic, he will fall by the wayside. So why not stand out by keeping the usual plot of a press release but being a little more eccentric. Just add a little colour, relevant information or a nice infographic. The goal is not to sell, but it is better to be catchy to prevent your press release from oblivion.

Interact on social networks

Interact on social networks

Social networks have taken the communication monopoly even if it is often decried. They make it easy to interact with Internet users and influencers.

Before disseminating information on social networks, it seems wise to have the media or journalists that interest you in your subscribers. Once you have essential information such as a major fundraiser, a merger, a new leader or crazy growth, spreading it becomes necessary. A post with a small retrospective of your company and the information may appeal to a journalist. You may be asked for an interview or additional information afterwards.

Be careful, though, this solution does not work every time, but you can stand out.

Target Relevant Media

Determining a target becomes essential to have a good approach with the media and have the right to your little quarter of an hour of glory. You cannot engage in canvassing all types of media. If you are a food company, the sports newspapers will pay no attention to you. It is preferable to contact editorial offices following your values and your activity. They will have a better knowledge of the field, and the article may be of better quality. In the same perspective, do not dwell only on the great writings and the big media. Websites also have good references. Their articles will go up more easily, and you will be able to stand out, especially if the large newsrooms do not respond to you.

Find the Right Time

The media are looking for relevance with their editorial line and their readers. Information needs to be compelling, and for it to emerge in the flow, the right timing is paramount. Journalists are overwhelmed and do not hesitate to return to their articles if last-minute information is more important. In this case, disseminate your information at the right time. When journalists open their mailboxes, prioritise the morning, unlike the evening when they are overwhelmed. You will have a better chance of processing your information as soon as possible. To prevent it from slipping through the cracks, avoid periods of controversy or major events that the editorial staff will solicit.

Make an Address Book

First of all, it is better to know journalists to have opportunities with the media. Building an address book remains the best solution in this kind of case. As an entrepreneur, you will have the chance to travel to many events such as trade fairs, cocktail parties or award ceremonies. Make it an opportunity to connect with journalists. Networking is also done with media representatives.

It’s time to bond!

Stand out with your communication

To convince the media, why not solicit them in various ways with exceptional communication.

Michel and Augustin, for example, have had numerous articles in the media thanks to their offbeat communication. They did not hesitate to stage themselves, whether on social networks or with their consumers, to challenge everyone about their brand. They are omnipresent on all platforms, disguise themselves as a cow or even walk one in the districts of Paris. All these wacky adventures have allowed them to acquire great notoriety. Thanks to this, all the media and consumers stopped on the brand, creating extraordinary publicity.

As a company, having an article, an interview on the radio or on television helps to publicize the activity and the expertise. Asking journalists about your case becomes complicated if you do not necessarily have contact in this environment. Do not hesitate to stand out with small humorous, eccentric or colourful touches without forgetting the relevant information. And for the last piece of advice, if you can, ask for proofreading to avoid misinterpretations or absurdities.

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