Analysis – Definition, Concept, Types of Analysis and Examples

Analysis Definition

An analysis is a deep study of a subject, object or situation to know its foundations, bases, and reasons for its emergence, creation or original causes. A structural comprises the external area of ​​the problem. The parameters and conditions that will be subject to a more specific study establish, the variables that must be the object of intense study denote delimit, and the exhaustive examination of the these is matter.

Base on this, it can be interpreted what an analysis is, clarifying that this is the breakdown of a particular topic. Each part of that whole will  inspect and studied objectively and thoroughly for its understanding.

This process allows definitions, characteristics and important features of the subject to review, but in addition to the contemplation of the content, conclusions of said study follow. It is divide into sections, which are applied according to the field in which the ideas develop.

Concept of Analysis

It is the disintegration of a whole into its parts to know its elements and principles. This whole can the work of nature, as when analyzing a plant, or a cultural product, as when studying the aspects of the communication system. The function of the analysis is to understand the object of study better. When one speaks of an analytical student.

We refer to one who studies in detail the details of the subject, the object of his knowledge. When we say a synthetic study, it is only to highlight the essential aspects of the issue, considering it as a whole, without breaking it down.

Examples: “It the social reality of our country shows us that it is conflictive, changing but reluctant to progress”. “After analyzing the behaviour of the serial killer, we discover that it follows the same pattern with all its victims”. We will present a detailed analysis of the problem to see if we can find a solution”.

It can be thorough, exploring each part thoroughly and carefully, or brief, partial and shallow.

In logical analysis, propositions are broken down to determine the function of their different elements. Grammatical analysis studies the parts that make up the sentence.

In mathematics, constitutes a branch of that science, which deals with studying numbers, both natural and complex, vectors and their different functions.

Types of Analysis

In principle, we will distinguish the following kinds of analysis according to their nature:

Structural analysis: As its name indicate, it focuses on the structure of what analyze, that is, its external area. Taking into account the parameters and measures that condition the result.

Formal analysis: It refers to the review of the form, of the whole, rather than the content and the particular.

A theoretical or conceptual analysis: As its name indicates, analysis of fundamental or base concepts is equivalent to theoretical analysis.

Experimental analysis: Just the conflicting of the previous case: seeing is believing. An experiment is nothing more reproduce a natural phenomenon in a laboratory under controlled conditions.

Quantitative analysis: The one that considers mainly (or only) the quantity, the proportion, the volume, etc.

Qualitative analysis: The one that considers quality, not quantity, is the nature of things, not their accumulation in categories.

Examples of Analysis

Some possible examples of analyzes are:

chemical analysis: Through laboratory techniques specialize instruments, it proposes the understanding of matter from its elementary particles, as well as the reactions that occur or may occur between them.

Artistic analysis: Fundamentally interpretive, the innovativeness arches excellent qualities of subjectivity so that it is not precisely scientific knowledge, as much as interpretive knowledge.

The clinical analysis: In medicine, clinical analyzes are experiments or probes carried out with the patient’s body to decide the source of their uneasiness and remedy it if possible.

In discourse analysis: One of the most particular aspects of linguistics systematically studies verbal language and, above all, oral and written discourse.

The financial analysis: Carried out annually by company and investment services. These are exhaustive balance sheets of goods and money, debts and assets, to determine the general state of the organization’s finances.

Difference Between Analysis and Description

A description elevations a record of the state of an issue without paying attention to the causes. The consequences or the complexity of its process.

On the contrary, the studies the ultimate details at caused a particular circumstance and projects its behaviour into the future. It can start from a description include it, but it certainly transcends it.


The analytical ability of the human being is one of his most incredible talents, which allow him to. Distinguish and verify many of the rules that govern the functioning of the universe. Both on a large and small scale and even in areas that are not possible to observe directly.

Ideally, deductions  obtain from each of them and clues for future studies of greater depth and scope. Depending on the field of knowledge they fit in, they can be done using specialized instruments or mental faculties only.

The distinction between qualitative and measurable refers to the type of statistics they work with. While measurable seeks to know quantities, the qualitative focus on characteristics at cannot quantity.

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