E-Commerce Website Mistakes : When it comes to e-commerce, all companies have a common goal: to sell more and better. And given that purpose, one of the most relevant issues for companies should be the web design of their online business.

When selling products online, the website is everything: it is the customer’s first impression and therefore a factor of trust; it is customer service and the cash register. It’s all in one, becoming one of the company’s most valuable employees.

In addition, an online business does not close; it works 24 hours a day, showing products and services to customers at any time, receiving orders and guaranteeing payment security.

And in this task of selling more, some mistakes can be made that can increase shopping cart abandonment rates and decrease brand positioning.

8  Common E-Commerce Website Mistakes And How To Fix Them

E-Commerce Website Mistakes – Low Image Quality

Humans are visual beings. We love images and process them much faster than text; For this reason, when buying. We are more attracted to products that have an idea and not so much to those that do not.

In addition, one of the significant advantages of buying online is that you can do it from the comfort of your living room. There is no need to go out, but this prevents you from inspecting and touching the products. So seeing an image of good quality that allows you to see the details is more than necessary to make a purchase decision.

Many online businesses forget these needs and do not have an excellent photographic record of the products or even ignore it. Which is one of the great reasons the online sales channel does not give the expected results.

When creating e-commerce, you must have a good number of images of the products from different angles. Which allows you to zoom in to give that feeling of being able to inspect the products.

Confusing Descriptions

One of the bad indicators for e-commerce is the return of products, and one of the main reasons is the inadequate descriptions of the products. A common mistake can represent expenses in logistics and marketing since a dissatisfied customer is the worst advertisement.

For this motive, it is necessary to dedicate the time needed for the descriptions, defining a unique tone and style that provides detailed information about the product’s characteristics and especially that tells how it helps solve a need.

With an original and complete description, you can ensure that the customer has the necessary information to make a purchase with which he will feel satisfied.

 Not Having A Responsive Website

Today people access a website from different devices such as smartphones or tablets. They do so not only from a search engine but also from social networks such as Instagram.Therefore, having e-commerce that is not responsive is almost impossible. However, many companies forget the importance of this feature, which affects the user’s browsing experience.

Additionally, it is essential to mention that Google penalizes pages that are not optimized for mobile devices, so not doing so can affect the business’s visibility in search engines.

E-Commerce Website Mistakes – Not Building Trust

Not Building Trust

In e-commerce, the only relationship between the brand and the customer is the website. People buy from brands they trust, either from their own experience or from tradition. In this way, the virtual store must generate that feeling of security in the client.

This trust is gained by avoiding bad practices such as confusing web design. Having an outdated stock of products, poor quality images, misspelt words or a wrong message of the brand.

We must remember that everything communicates. And having these elements in order can significantly impact sales.

 Poor Seaworthiness

When we come across a page with too much information. We can feel overwhelmed and prefer to exit rather than try to understand it. The same applies to e-commerce.

Sometimes online businesses have so many products or options that a purchase can become a difficult task, and this can represent abandonment by the customer. Who only wants to find the product easily and quickly.

A good user experience (UX) provides an organized menu and navigability options that allow a more direct way to reach a particular product with the fewest possible clicks. To do this, you can have search bars, category tabs or featured products related to previous searches.

Loading Delays

The world of technology and communications moves at a fast pace. And for this reason, we are all used to not having to wait long when we are browsing the internet. One of the abandonment indicators on a page is the time it takes to load a said page; if we feel that it is longer than usual, we will not want to wait, we will think that it is an error, and we will abandon the site.

Therefore, although we have emphasized the importance of high-quality images, they cannot have large sizes; other e-commerce content such as videos, audios, or animations must also design for this critical feature.

Long And Complicated Payment Processes

It is one of the steps to which companies must pay the most attention since it is the moment of closing the purchase. The first thing is that all e-commerce must have the necessary security keys to make the payment in the most fluid way for the customer.Such as having a good payment gateway.

However, because the procedure is quick, it is not essential to add ten more steps after the consumer has completed picking their things in the basket and is ready to pay; if you do, he will most likely quit the transaction in the midst lose and the sale.

There Is No Effective Customer Service Communication.

The fact that a person buys online does not mean they do not have doubts about a product or need advice on a transaction. For this reason, different options must be provided, such as a telephone or WhatsApp service line. An email or integrating a chatbot that can respond in real-time to common questions, all under an omnichannel strategy.

The company must facilitate the resolution of problems to its customers to feel accompanied in their purchase process.

Review 8 E-Commerce Website Mistakes That Affect The Sale.

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